BMW 1 Series 2017 Hatchback review | Mat Watson Reviews

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Can the BMW 1 Series compete against other luxury hatchbacks like the Audi A3, Mercedes A Class, and Volvo V40? It already sets itself apart from the crowd by featuring rear-wheel-drive. However, is this worth the extra cost that comes with the coveted BMW badge, or are cheaper rivals such as the Ford Focus better value? It is however, the cheapest BMW you can buy, so what does Mat Watson think? Have BMW compromised or maintained their high standards? Mat lets you know what he thinks in our 4k review!

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diegofrgc says:

What happened to the Head2head section?! I was expecting a Class A and Audi A3 review, miss those reviews!

ZigSteenine says:

I'm sure they will keep there sporty models rwd like the 135 and 140

Zarak Nawaz says:

OMG WHATS GOING ON? Just got the 16 and already it's outdated :/

Pedro Guedes says:

I have a 116d ED, and I can tell you that I'm always amazed on how silent it is inside. The car you tried must have some kind of problem.
Also, the space in the back seats is not great. that's true, but if you compare the middle seat with your review to the focus vs astra vs golf video, you show also that although those cars dont have the lump in the middle of the floor, you also need to put your legs aside because of the middle rear console does not allow any leg room.
Rear Luggage is on par with Golf.
So all in all…..these minus are not so minus…..
Its just a bit mora expensive, but you can feel que diference when riding it, and on how amazing silent it is.

Toxic Waste says:

chris evans in the back lmao

Awayze says:

Maybe if BMW didn't waste time on cars like the X1, 2 series, the mpv or the GT models, they wouldn't need to make costs lower and get rid of rwd. You see alot of 1 series on the road so selling isn't an issue.

Blake Swan says:

such a great car. Wish they would keep it rwd

Reg Greetham says:

Hey Matt, I'm really looking forward to the LCI M135i/M140i review! :)

Trains, electric buses & cars says:

Cheaper BMWs aren't that well made eg: 1 series, 2 series etc.
However the more expensive BMWs are very well made eg: 5 series, 6 series, 7 Series etc.
I think the Audi A3 is a much better choice

ihavenousername1805 says:

Why did they put those ugly rear lamps on? They shouldn't have stuck with the squarer lights from the pre-facelift!

Archie Ingamells says:

+carwow will you be reviewing the Mercedes A class?

Various Curious says:

I don't think people buy BMW for practical reasons, its the only RWD hatchback left. Sets it apart from the rivals. It will be dumb to change that.

BaBeLoo BaDoo says:

I compared this car with its main rivals the Golf, the Benz A-series, Audi's A3. The interior of BMW 1 series absolutely is the most solid and firm of them all. The Golf comes the closest. Concerning esthetics this is more subjective. I liked the Golf interior, the A series and the 1 series above the A3. As compared to the French, Japanese, Korean, Italian and American cars there is simply no comparison. The German cars really win hands down. Ride sensation while driving fast, the BMW 1 series is the best. Its rear wheel drive stands out giving you more control about the car as compared with smart four wheel and front wheel drive terrains.

Nbpoih Fiheqw says:

rhinoceros, more like a fake unicorn lmfao

fernando quiñones says:

now, really.. does BMW pays you a little bit extra for saying that the i-Drive system Is the best on the market???

WinkelHoof says:

The voice over sounds like C-3PO…?

DaniiCEO says:

I've got this car, same model 120d m sport but a 3 door and honestly the rear isn't even that cramped. 3 big males I suppose it's pretty tight but for most journeys it's nice and comfy and lots of seat adjustment for the front passenger and driver anyway. Oh and I've got a manual and the pedals aren't that bad. Yes they're slightly offset but you barely notice it, massively exaggerated. All in all a fantastic car but I'd recommend a 118d for a good balance of power and economy. 120d is quick but very thirsty.

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