Austin 1100 driving

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John Shaw says:

Fantastic you made it back home, My one rarely did that. On the plus side though it did teach me how to be a motor mechanic.

Robert Purcell says:

When cars were basic, just the essentials and nothing else. I remember owing a VP 1300 and one night went out and the gear lever fell through the floor and when I looked down I could see the road rushing by. Happy days 😁

Martindyna says:

Brings back memories. My Dad upgraded to an 1100 from a Morris Minor 1000, what a difference!
In the Minor you sat so low you had to peer over the dashboard and the suspension was very old fashioned.
That said the Minor was the more reliable car.
However my Dad did 168,000 miles on the 1100 on one engine (valves ground in @ 100,000 miles) but 3 gearboxes before the rust beat her.
Dad always used BP Visco-static 20w/50 oil in the engine / gearbox.

Jeff Allinson says:

The interior looks in very good condition for its age. Is the bodywork as good?

Steve Murphy says:

I learnt to drive, and passed my test, in an Austin 1100. The only way I could get it in to 1st gear was to do exactly what you do, down in to 2nd then up in to 1st. I thought it was just my car, but maybe it's a common thing. Nice job ! 🙂

snooker says:

the car is older than the driver,

2011zurich says:

Love the double de-clutching from third to second at 00:35
Brings back happy memories!

RUSHY 01 says:

Back when Britain made family cars!

Michael Hudson says:

nice car but you need to be a bit gentler with the clutch and gearbox fella if u want it to last

Clipstone Films says:

I enjoyed that little ride in the past.

Alan Passat says:

bad taste in motor cars.

Ian Johnson says:

Driving it far too hard, throwing it round like a modern car.

uglycustard1 says:

Love musical old engines and gearboxes sweet music of the A series

Mark J Spice says:

This was the first car my family had when I was about 7 so this brought back memories for me.. As an ex driving instructor your one handed, arm on the window ledge driving style made me cringe.. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy the car, it's good to see these still on the road..

Mark Jones says:

Just Bought a 1967 Mk1 Austin 1100.  Its very tidy indeed considering its been parked in the one owner from news Garage for 23 years untouched. Proper Barn Find.

Londonfogey says:

This brought back memories. I remember the deceleration whine and the 'thermometer' speedo – all good stuff. Cars were cars in those days, not padded cells on wheels!

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