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This is the new Audi A7. It’s a stylish coupe that comes with a liftback tailgate to offer you a huge amount of room in the back. It’s a great option to have considering the price tag attached to the car, so are the likes of the infotainment system and driving quality also top of the range? Keep watching to find out!

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way too expensiv in UK

Big Irish Yeti says:

You are talking so fast all your words slur into nothingness… C'mon man. Switch to decaf

Lunga Mbongela says:

Lol but why throwing the bike llike that?

Joao Farinha says:

Dude , what did you do to my bike?? 😁😁😁

blazacrew says:

unsuscribed , treat bike with some respect

averagejoe says:

It seems like audi designers are not so sure about how the signature face on their future models should look. It's so hit or miss since several years back.

averagejoe says:

What the hell?? Even 20 year old Lexuses have those gentle auto closing doors. And they still do work perfectly, unlike the ones in a brand-new Audi/ VW.

Chino Vash says:

The problem was, he was driving it on the wrong side… no one does that… silly wankuh…

Drag Race says:

and one dislike for throwing that bike

Drag Race says:

How can you kick the VW so rudely?

jacktheripper51 says:

in a bmw ibee la-ah
in a mercedes ibee la-ah
what an ugly accent

イケイけ says:


Encinaar Encinaar says:

The front looks awful

Tibchy91 says:

Those touch screens are Audi's biggest mistake.

Kalin Kostov says:

Am I the only one bothered by the engine check light at the dash?


10:06 in the bmw it’ll be like aaat in the mercedes it’ll be like aaat


Awsome screen review….outstanding

Buck Shangri says:

Well, in Austria the A7 starts at 77000€….

Δημητρης Ροζαλες says:

Why do all Audis look the same… Boring cars

Black Chim says:

You need to put gearbox in sportmode to get faster gas respone, in comfort mode it respone much slower

Ledj Wahab says:

Front end looks like a hyundai D:

alif ashraf says:

The golf does not look like a box on wheelssssssss

Randy C says:

Nasty greasy finger prints all over the touch screens.

M1ZKA says:

Actually looks ugly and cheap from the outside

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