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Introducing the new Audi A4! When it comes to upmarket, family-friendly saloons, it’s one of the most popular on our roads today. But is it worth considering over the recently crowned 2019 carwow Car of the Year, the new BMW 3 Series? Join Mat Watson for a closer look in his latest in-depth review, as he critiques the interior, infotainment and drivability – and, most importantly, pokes it with a stick!

Watch our in-depth BMW 3 Series review:

Check out the full Audi A4:

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M3ibii says:

@3:46 you can tell its a Audi since the check engine light is already on and its not even 2020 yet.

Bert Dijkmans says:

A4 or new CLA?

Daniele Lim says:

Damn that is as ugly as a headlight can get.

Luke Fisher says:

6:01 what ?

Tinashe Chivese says:

Where is Matt filming where he can get away with wearing shorts in November?

Ron Babu says:

🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳


Andrzej Wasilczuk says:

This guy is a spastic we can all clearly see Audi is better than BMW stop talking about BMW like its fuck knows what . You are reviewing the A4 here we dont wanna know about other cars

A K 47 says:

മലയാളികൾ ഒരു ലൈക് അടിച്ചേ

vsboy 25 says:

Fantastic car but very expensive for poor people like me

Greg Egan says:

Are Audis just glorified VW's?

Ray Mondo says:

This money pit is a nice colour!

Gio Verde says:

Watch it Mr Watson!! I'm 50+ and I wear Adidas. Don't know about that colour but the styling right down to the three slats at the front of the bonnet are a nice touch indeed, to a non sport model. Me, my pick is S4, but not the 2020 diesel so I'll be sticking to the 2018 S3 for longer

Burak Isik says:

I'm pretty sure you will wear Converse trainers when you are 50 🙂

Romario Plowright says:

How about a review on the 2020 kia cadenza aka 2020 kia k7

Ayadi Yosri says:

ما شاء الله ❤️

jamed2017 says:

But, idrive doesn't support android auto…. So I'm my view, this is better

Jamaica Retail says:

Review on the 2020 Kia cadenza please

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