Audi A1 2019 review

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Like a scrawny kid that reappeared after the school summer holidays with stubble, a deeper voice and newly bulging biceps, the second-generation Audi A1 isn’t how you remember it. But is it any good? Matt Campbell travelled to Spain as a guest of Audi Australia to find out.

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Paúl Aguilar says:

I prefer the previous version, this looks kind of silly.

Meh Mah says:

The rear is okay a lot better than the Polo however front is eh. Also the hard plastic on the doors is really not good especially for an Audi
Had higher expectations , disappointment

RAWKUS tv says:

No manual option is a bit disappointing. Looks cool though

neitherlink says:

Comparing it to the mini is ok, but not with the a class. After all, the a class competes with the a3 and the series 1

neitherlink says:

Comparing it to the mini is ok, but not with the a class. After all, the a class competes with the a3 and the series 1

cece safont says:

It is so annoying when people compare this car with a polo 🙄 it may share some parts but is not the same car.. he says, save some money and buy a polo, u don’t get all the luxury that u get with the a1 so no thanks I prefer to pay a bit extra!

Adam Lee Rose says:

So an Audi i30 Kona crossover?

Andrew says:

Since everyone hates the car so much send it over here to the US ill buy one!!

MelCanuck says:

2:31 … a car of that price needs one, especially if you are going to carry elderly relatives… so doesn't get my vote!

dan dan says:

$25,000- 30,000

Darth Kermit says:

I’m your own 101st like now you owe me 101 Audi a1s

swiftlydoesit says:

Better looking but nothing wow about it, interior doesn’t look at all luxurious. It isn’t worth what it’s going for.


Give me the Polo GTI over this 4 ringed pretender EVERY day of the week.

humanity 9 says:

40k is too much . Yes polo prefer

DOM says:

not impressed by your subtle, half-hearted reviews on this A1….its obvious that you are skipping critics on the practicality and drivetrain…disappointed

Amin Haq says:

It looks a little like a lowered Q2.

jake milani says:

nothing great about this car
BENZ A CLASS is way better

PyroTeamAlpha says:

Like the exterior but 35k EUR is crazy money for it, especially when everything else on the car is painfully average. Sorry audi, no sale.

Greg Tyson says:

Plastic's not scratchy unless you scratch it.

Anthony José says:

I hope I'm not the only one who prefers the old design over this new one…

Steven Bradford says:

A $20,000 car which is likely to be sold for $40,000 because of its name.

James Allerton says:

Not excited by it. Seems like a rebadged polo. Interior doesn't seem any more premium.

Phil Lee says:

Wow trying hard to look like the i30n at the front

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