All-New Review: 2019 Volvo XC40 AWD R-Design on Everyman Driver

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John Hall says:

Volvo should have never abandoned the iconic boxy look of their sedans and wagons of the past. Now they are simply me-toos with no real safety or performance advantages.

John Hall says:

This then is the ideal car for urban liberals.
It looks good but doesn't really do anything.

Nial Patel says:

Lol Doug score

yo moma says:

Just reminds me of newly released vehicle from FCA.Just can't put my hands on its issues.

Aurhorah says:

What happened to the old intro where you come from behind the car? Lol

YaSherif Da Gamer says:

Nice car, but to be honest with you a BMW X3 is just as fancy. Its a nice car, but feel like ur just to happy for Volvo to be finally on the map here.

Ricardo Cortez says:

The back seats do not reclin at all. Some of the competition reclin at least 10 to 15 degrees. It's tough on back seat passenger s on long huals

Rachel Lyter says:

great review this guy cracks me up. too small for me though.

muttley1956 says:

Stopped viewing at 15 seconds. Can't bear that whining voice.

Guy Johnson says:

I REALLY want the XC40 with the black roof and all the options. I've never considered a Volvo. Is the maintenance expensive? Not sure I can afford it. Nice SUV. I believe they're making a hybrid version soon.

mizzmolly says:

I think this is going to be my next vehicle. Finally a Volvo that's small enough for me.

Isaac Fox says:

Top of the line cx5 or a base model this?

Divine Freedom says:

Okay, getting this car!

Alaska 440 says:

Correction: there’s actually a model higher than the R-design—the Inscription.

maya&luna says:

My husband is a Saab fanatic, who graduated to Volvo. They never did much for me due to the sedate exteriors. This one has me hooked. This is a great review of my next car.

Shelby Rodriguez says:

Did this guy do an intro like 3 times????

B HM says:

I feel like the beginning of this review was a montage of my favorite reviewers intros. Doug Demuro. Saabkyle04 …. I was so confused! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Fissle Wine says:

Volvos use of AI has put other manufacturers to shame…as a modern car is a robot and should be made with features that please the user…

Quan , says:

It looks like a 2018 Jeep compass

fast4d1 says:

I rented one in europe. the AWD feels front drive biased. other than that I like it. even the diesel engine. the shifter is horribly confusing

S Karlsson says:

Can the start–stop feature be defeated by owner?

Ian Garcia says:

dark announce treat union public shopping overwhelming catholic conduct celebrity.

Cerises 8 says:

Been reviewing several cars for purchase and haven’t been able to make up my mind yet but this is now at the top of my list.

LuckyStriker says:

I love the XC40. It's the best little premium SUV I've ever driven, and that includes the Jaguar E-Pace, Merc GLA and Lexus NX

jm watches says:

The 2018 Dave Erickson Car of the Year

Keyboard G says:

3 intro statements in a row there at the beginning

Steve Govea says:

Today I became a Volvo fanboy as well.

Erik Hallqvist says:

2 things you missed. You don't have to put your hand inside the handle to lock the car, just press with a finger on the marked spot on the handle. Second thing, lanekeeping assistant is a emergency feature, so it should not be used as "self driving car" however on the steering wheel on the left you can select pilot assist (right most option) which is the self driving mode, which will keep speed and follow the lane autonomously 🙂

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