All-new BMW X5 SUV 2019 REVIEW – see why it’s the best all-round BMW!

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This is the all-new BMW X5! In Mat’s latest review, he’s going to share all the information you need to know about BMW’s latest SUV. He’ll be looking at the design, new infotainment system and practicality, while also trying out the different models in the new series. Not only that, but he’ll also be looking through the previous generations to see what has brought us to this new X5!

But is it worthy of being a truly great all-rounder? Stick with Mat in this review to find out everything you need to know!

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John G says:

I love I the New X5, but also the 2nd Generation is cool

VIPER.GX says:

The F15 was gorgeous!

Kefas Volvo says:

funny review

ChelseaFC !!! says:

This channel is getting worse and worse for some reason. I loved it when it had less than 100k subs.

김동주 says:

What is purpose of flickering sensor at the top of digital cockpit??? 05:19
Im really curious

djheckler92 says:

Don’t like the tail lights, reminds me of a Ford

Jia L. says:

I bet the people who are having the BMW X5 leases ending soon are happy, assuming they want the new X5.

Killian Holland says:

Looks really ugly

misterPAINMAKER says:

Is it so hard to review the Peugeot 508?

Enrico Bianchin says:

First generation x5 is best of all

Charles Chen says:

is not it Mercedes taillight?

Sam Sheng says:

At 7:40, about the mode controls, just to say, M cars also have control buttons at about the same location, M1 and M2 are just individual memory button, like a shortcut.

Terence Lee Chris says:

hexa design is not a good taste design, moreover, this generation dun have Diesel engine

F1 Fanatic says:

How old am ya Matt? Are you from Dudley or Birmingham? 😉 (living in the US, your accent still makes me chuckle…

Jamaican Bloke says:

No Android Auto?..for over 70k 👎🏽

Roderica Setiadi says:

hmmm interior like 8 series right?

Nicolas Felippe says:

why yhis shitty back bmw?

Z S says:

I think they just assumed if you have an Android you also can’t afford a BMW

Cecil Mkhabela says:

F50 😍😍

road stermah says:

Can you compare to the q7 ? which one is better to you ?

D Walker says:

BMWs all look the same….drive nice but are boring cars. And the pretentiousness of BMW owners is epic.

Ahmad Turkistani says:

How much this car cost price

Anass Harmal says:

Whats not to like? Well that sorento back !

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