Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV 2018 review | carwow Reviews

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The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is the Italian brand’s first ever SUV. Its sporty Giulia-inspired looks and rakish cabin certainly help it make a good first impression, but its charm will have to be more than just skin deep if Alfa Romeo wants to steal buyers away from the Audi Q5 and Jaguar F-Pace. I take a detailed looks at this left-field Italian off-roader to find out what it’s like to drive, see how practical it is and help you decide if it’s the ideal SUV for you.

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nchia says:

Some of the five annoying bits do seem like design oversights, and the main one would be the paddles getting in the way. But sounds like a fantastic car to drive, let alone an SUV.

Veramente Euforico says:

I like the wood inside

Marko Celan says:

Since when you became official promoter of Audi?

Quagmire88 says:

I love the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio and even the Giulia. Its such a refreshing new product that hasn't been "Americanized"(Over-sized, slow and gimmicky. Weak engines for "Fuel Efficiency"). The clean, simple interior design is quite welcoming. Its a drivers car for people who want to focus on a fun technical sporty drive.

Ninooooo says:

Love this car! I don’t know why they don’t use Chrysler’s Uconnect system as it’s so much easier to use and is really good definition.

Tayebe tavakoli says:

Alfa Romeo zay cdrom lo

Pete Blunt says:

Scratchy plastics? Who actually cares? What is the bloody obsession with testing the plastics

Dan Silva says:

perfect car. wonderful

Artist Plastic says:

Big like for Alfa Romeo Stelvio!

jarfors says:

Anyone else see Sid the sloth?

Lorenzo Barili says:

Grande Alfa!

Yanni Looking good says:

This car pisses all over shitty german suv's!

Skelisorce Gaming says:

This video is sponsored by Audi. 🙄

Cy Gilbert says:

This is so beautiful! If only BMW would streamline the interior of the 3 series to match this.

nico mal says:

Is diesel engine alfa romeo or is it borrowed from another company?

Ansh chhabra says:

Plz make a video on lambo aventador and hurracan

tylerdurden786 says:

But it's so pretty! At 6"4 this was my only hope of getting a comfortable Alfa 😢

gkelly34 says:

Intermittent wipe 🤔

Pilipino Travel says:

50000 euro car😋😋.

panos tsogg says:

0:50 room for 2 buttholes


I really have to hand it to Matt to come up with all the punts in almost (If not) every review 😆

Andrew Palframan says:

Haven't seen any of these on the roads yet!

Enzo Taddei says:

Matt, you cant compare the Stelvio with a Q5 as the German car is much more expensive.

StarFox85 says:

i dont know 1 person which owns an alfa and its not italian 😊😆

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