A Used Fiat 500 Abarth Is the Most Fun You Can Have For $9,000

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A used Fiat 500 Abarth is a hilariously fun $9,000 used car. Today I’m reviewing this 2013 500 Abarth to show you all the cool things about it — and I’m showing you why you should get a used 500 Abarth.

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Alex Kristían says:

15:07 is Doug at his finest

alex amortt says:

Doug, you're the most humble and most sympathy arousing youtuber out there! You are just being yourself and people love it how real you are. Thank you for your entertainment, you truly are an inspiration for us all!

Annie Kwok says:

I love my Black and Red Abarth! Its not weird looking, it's adorable IMO 😍

PussMag says:

Great, , I Ned 5 of these for my next job

jman_jd10 says:

You can get a camaro for that price or a vet even a race car

Soup Man says:

Unless of course you buy some hoes 😏

meatloaf666999 says:

Nope, a miata is and at 9k you're buying or building a well sorted boosted Miata or maybe a MazdaSpeed Miata.

STG44VOLVO says:

Great little car.

Darek Maj says:

Uuuuu a quarter !!!! I died 😀

Yassine Carre says:

Whole pet disaster existing rip inmate effect grandfather lot.

Alessandro Tappi says:

I've trained (and used for the exam) on this car for driving license (yeah, the driving school had a 500 abarth for training ahah).
The funny thing is that me and other 2 friends of mine get in the car with the instructor (he is a cool person) and did training, sometimes squeezing the juice out of the car. Funny times. And yeah, the space in the back is barely enough for me (1,79 m).

woody walton says:

imagine looking up through your sunroof and seeing this 11:42

amoneys2k says:

Shocked that you didn't mention that it has the same dome light as a Lamborghini Diablo!

Happy Poop says:

Now i want one..

Nick Emmanuel says:

the crosshatch screen is for temp sensor for climate control. My 2012 fiat abarth has radio controls behind the steering wheel

Twis7ed soul says:

Lol sport button in this crappy little car!!!!!

Todd says:

ooo a quarter

Job vd Boom says:

that fiat 500 is a small, ugly, stupid piece of shit, it should not exist.

Chef Armstrong says:

Does it drive like a fork lift?

Farina Marcina says:

Krauts have smart hahahaha

Robert D. says:

Oooh…a quarter!

OSTKCabal says:

Hmmm… base-model Nissan Sentra from Enterprise, or Fiat 500 Abarth from Turo? lol…

Flip per says:

I wish that DOUG would also review the ELECTRIC version. I have a 2013 Fiat 500e, and it's a tremendous vehicle. The range isn't great (100 miles if you're not flooring it), but it has decent acceleration (0-50 in 3.2 seconds in sports mode) and it really is a better car than the ICE version. I'd like to see DOUG'S reaction when he presses on the "gas" pedal….

I offer up MY CAR as a test subject – free of charge….just so DOUG can see how great the ELECTRIC version is.

Bren Landers says:

Maybe i'm getting old at 27 but I would need an arm rest…

pavlo maystryuk says:

You can get a subi brz for 10k and have way more fun

Erkmen Akin says:

10:30 that was though

How About No? says:

It ain't fun when it comes to grocery shopping…..

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