A Look At The Vintage Austin A30 & A35 British Motor Cars

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Eamonn O’Neal and Nicky Fox take a look at some vintage British motor cars – the Austin A30 and the Austin A35, courtesy of members of the Austin Owners Club. Nester Warrel takes Nicky on a ride in her vintage model talking about how she got it and why attracted her to this car in particular. Eamonn finds out what distinguishes the A35 from the earlier A30 model, and goes through some of the improvements that were made to the later model.


Chris Parkhurst says:

In today slow traffic and lack of parking they are ideal !!

hebneh says:

These look like cartoon cars to me.

classiccarz says:

Stop talking about how slow the car is and familiarize yourself with the 1275 MG engine upgrade. Sheesh

js gould says:

my first car, A35 van, bought in 1965 for £40, great fun and still miss it but costly to buy now.

Billy McAuliffe says:

great old cars

Billy McAuliffe says:

great old cars

TheHypnotstCollector says:

in 1956, age 6, I stepped into my front yard to see an A30 parked next door. There was "stuff" in it, boxes, ?. I looked it over and thought it must be a car for a kid and maybe my parents had gotten it for me. alas.

FrewstonBooks says:

I had a 1956 A30 van with windows, ca, 1964. No heater, and an engine that never needed the oil changed – it used so much that no oil I put in lasted linger than a few weeks. A rear axle half shaft breaking on the Watford bypass left me stranded one day, but found one on a breakers yard and replaced it one Sunday morning. That was the only time it let me down. Sold it privately for a 3 year old Ford 105E Anglia in 1965.

James Maxwell says:

I bought one of these in 1969 for the princely sum of 80 pounds.  It passed the MOT test and was in excellent condition.  The lady I bought it from said she and her husband bought it brand new in Lutton and it was keep garaged until he passed justbefore I bought it.  She did not drive and had not need for it.   It had all the papers that came from the dealership  and wasa ton of fun to drive.    I sold it to a friend and he brought it stateside when he came home in 1971.    I saw him several years later and he still had it and was prepping it for his daughter to use when she went to college.  The Austin was stillin perfect condition and he had just rebuilt the motor and installed a upgraded stereo system in it for her.

John Doyle says:

An A35 was my first car bought in 1969 for £25,it jumped out of gear regularly,one leaf spring was broken, and the big ends were rattling, apart from that a bargain.
I soon got it all fixed up, and ran it for 2 years, and changed the engine 3 times. There were plenty of spare engines around for about £5, and you could do a full change in about 4 hrs.
Always problems with the handbrake and the mechanical rear brake system. Exhausts were always blowing, I just used to patch them up with any bits of exhaust system I could find.
Sold it for £40,some fond memories.

TheKenjoje says:

Is the video from late 90s?


Hydraulic front drum brakes with mechanical rears. However, a slave cylinder mounted on the rear axle actuated the rears with pressure from the front. God Save the Queen! (and all who sail in her)

Ivan Managh says:

I had a Austin A30 it was renown to need replacement bearing shells every month or so, I could replace them in 2 or 3 hours as I became a expert at this as they need doing so often. The shells were made of a soft steel and were rubbish . Other than that a fantastic car. We called ours a A3 as there was no room for a 0.

Sloopy .Dog says:

I have had 2 A35 estate cars and a A35 van. I have had many classic cars in my 51 years of driving. The A35 was my always my favourite. Cheap to run , easy to maintain and great to drive. I wish they were still made today. I would be first to buy one. I can't pretend all British classic cars were great. A lot were rust buckets, but there were a lot of nice cars and vans made in Britain and I was lucky enough to drive a great many of them.

billy mcauliffe says:

My grandfather had an Austin van he had a shop and it went every were no problem at all

Richard Ebdon says:

Nice. I think my Grandad brought an Austin in 1955, but that was an A40 model.

Eric George says:

My old man had 2 of these. Both vans with rear windows put in and rear seats and his first one did over 400k with no problems at all and was ASTONISHING in the snow. They are very collectable these days and fetch good money, and rightly so because they are EXCELLENT cars.

Felix Bloxham says:

There is one for sale in the small mountain town of NewDenver in British Columbia Canada not immaculate but complete and most likely road worthy and all complete .

gerald hutchins says:

me and my dad god bless him we use to drive round country fitting  showers over the bath in a a35 van and it never let us down it use to run out of  water we use to fill it up and on we go good old days you cant buy that

albert19ful says:

I was walking home from Skegness in the sixties ,after a night out ,and a little black car pulled up ,and the driver asked are you going to Boston ,I said yes ,and jumped in ,how small was it wow as the driver was massive and I was pushed over tight to the door ,I was like a sardine in a tin for about ten miles ,but I was pleased for the lift ,those were the days ,good days .

Bill Dryden says:

I loved my A35….GTS 730   4 door!  Bought it for £16. 10/-  Drove from Dundee to London and back in 1971.

Gary Dunn says:

My father had one of these back in the early 60's when I was a kid and I hated it then,
and, as the years have passed I them even more now.  They say beauty is in the eye
of the beholder, well I'm sorry but I think they are hideous.

Gary Dunn says:

Aah, so that's the make of car Noddy used to drive.  lol

kevrs2 says:

2.53 holy fuck i thought people like this only existed in harry enfield shows hahahaha!

NYJALB says:

3:04…………………LAN DUD NO???…8-)

NYJALB says:

We've had two of these cracking little cars in the past……and hopefully one day, we'll get another one!

Nicolas Henshilwood says:

Fizzy little car!!!!

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