60 Years Of The Fiat 500! (2019 Fiat 500C Review) – New Motoring

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Fiat’s employees have partied hard in 2017, celebrating 60 years since the first 500 was born. As 2017 was coming to an end, we thought it would be good to have our own celebration. Just without the champagne… We were driving, obviously.

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TUFFE says:

This is my favorit car

Mr Strong says:

Put twin air in the title and get thousands more views. I have one.

PossumLady8262 says:

Such a lovely and honest review of a beloved icon! I have a 2017 Fiat Pop and it's a absolute joy to drive.

Samjai Sam says:

I had this car in 2012, the 1.4 version. Struggled a lot when climbing up slopes, and fuel economy wasn't great for a 1.4. The roof was the main reason why I sold it because it's not a real convertible and it certainly doesn't have the associated feel and glamour. Now I am back to the Germans with an Audi A3, a proper convertible with all the right things the 500C didn't have: performance, economy, premium touch and feel, and above all, the real open air motoring experience!

sunderland97 says:

Love the 500s

gasdorfic muncher says:

great review ..buy this car to have fun

ZR1 Gamer says:

A 2-Cylinder 870cc Engine making over 100 Horses is just amazing!

Tom Nero says:

500 s are super cars

Anthony Deas says:

I have the same engine in mine and I really rate it, great review 🙂

Jamie Pickles says:

Great Video Review. The Fiat 500 Is a Icon and I see lots of them on the Road

chris sydenham says:

The review is as cool as the 🚘. Cheers.

Nodge X says:

I have a Panda, the slightly more practical version, but yes the 500 is a good shape – particularly when the roof colour is contrasted with the bodywork. I should have replaced it years ago, but there is just something about Fiats gets under your skin …..

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