5 things you need to know about the Abarth 595 | Cars we own

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Although it provides a window into life with a car, there’s only so much we can learn during a regular week-long review. Niggles pop up, panels come loose and rattles start to form over time – and if you’re anything like us, they’ll start to drive you insane.

Rather than taking a stab in the dark, or relying on scuttlebutt from punters to learn what it’s like living with some of Australia’s most interesting, popular or talked about cars, we went out and laid down our hard-earned on a fleet of diverse ‘owned cars’, ranging from an Abarth 595 to a Mitsubishi Triton.

Here’s a little look into life with our loveable Italian stallion, the Abarth 595. As you might expect, it’s a quirky beast – lucky it’s fun to drive, right?


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ihopetowin says:

This is not the Australian accent I grew up with, it's unbearable. And stop moving your hands like a rap gangsta.

Cyka Blyat says:

This is the old one but still, never thought any of what was shown here was annoying when I drove one

Trout says:

Some reviews slam this care but in reality they are the most fun to drive for the money.

Il Cuggino Canadese says:

Australian giant-ass dude complaining he can't get comfortable in a sub-compact hot hatch is like placing a rhinoceros on a unicycle and getting complaints he's uncomfortable.

Dale Collison says:

What you dont like it because you cant find stuff in 30 seconds. Buy the car and you will know where everything is in 1 day or just keep driving your camira station wagon with the rusty tailgate. Worst review I have ever seen!

suitsyousir1980 says:

What a load of minor bitching points. It’s all about spirit.

Alex Absolute says:

Oh behave! Lots of moaning here – I’m 6ft 4 and can comfortably drive my wife’s 595.

贾尤佳 says:

There is an AUX port in front of the handbrake for connecting your phone to play all your music. Anyway, Bluetooth is better.

Franklin Goldgace says:

Sorry you have 2008 model, this car have improved since 2008

Anthony Dunn says:

In Europe we had a facelift a couple of years ago, which included updated infotainment. I brought mine nearly a year ago and have covered 10,000 (mixed) miles and i'm still convinced that it's the most fun, interesting car for the money (around 15k- discounts are decent). You don't buy a car like this for the outright performance but for the nostalgia, brand and feeling and that's why I think it's super great value. I concede that the driving position isn't intuitive so essentially I have one for motorways and another for enthusiastic driving- and I've never gone for the seat height adjustor instead of the handbrake. Parking sensors are standard.

Just Aviation says:

You know this is the old gen Abarth!

P-A Espana says:

What a joke! Reviewing a 2010 car in 2018 without telling your viewers, having trouble pushing a button…
Also, breaking news : if you want to sit low just don't buy a 500!

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