2021 Volvo S60 review – Comfort zone | First Drive | Autocar India

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The new Volvo S60 will finally go on sale in India in early 2021. Sergius Barretto drives one to tell you what’s in store.

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Faruk Ahmed says:

Boring Interior design

Dengu gaming says:

This car is very good mind blowing car thanks know about it . I live it

Manigaru gonella says:

Super excellent marvelous

Sumit Gupta says:

I love the features of volve car. It's style is unique. This is deserves a good rating

Maneet Mangaraj says:

Pls do a video on skoda superb l&k VS volvo s60

Koustubh Mandhare says:

Awesome location…????

Anirudh Jay says:

Hands down the best looking one among the recents

Zia Khan says:

Lovely car, good interior and amazing looks, actually looks great

RiShI MaThUr says:

Why couldn't they give all features in one key

Subha Das says:

Apparently 35- 40 lakhs car

tejeswarareddy kota says:

Is it rwd or awd?


This sedan looks so beautiful
Volvo ❤️
My Favourite 😊

Hiren Jariwala says:

Ugghh, i think the matter is, neither the exterior nor the interior “looks” like its worth this much amount (if u have ever been in C class or 3series). Being this much understated doesnt work, especially in india. And yeah by the way, its now owned by a chinese parent (deal breaker for me 😉🇮🇳)

Shri Venkatesh says:

The only thing where volvo fails is in the tail light design ( mostly roundish and ugly )

Abhishek Giri says:

Volvo are the pioneers of Safety!! a Beautiful no nonsense car !!

Elango Pc says:

Good review 💓. Would own Volvo one day in my life time

ford galaxy says:

Volvo over bmw

Ashish Mali says:

Is the engine also in skoda superb??

Rajat Ghodke says:

Volvo is very underrated in India 80% of buyers having such budget will opt for audi or other german siblings as they have a lot of road presense that volvo doesn't , but volvo is better than those according to me, and those thor hammer DRLs are very cool

Shainsha says:

Volvo is good car safety features always good one bad thing outside look and back side look not good

Joel Justin says:

The interior feels quite modest compared to competition like Audi A4. It's not necessarily bad, but comes down to personal preference.

Nishal Shah says:

Everything is cool but why speed limit !!!!!!!! My I 20 can go to 180 or may be further if I push it hard this Volvo can not. WHAT A DRAG 🙄

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