2021 Subaru Impreza Sedan review | Australia

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In this video, Simone checks out the latest 2021. Let’s face it, when someone says Impreza, the first thing that comes to mind is the WRX or the WRX STI. But the standard Impreza is a completely different car altogether. The Subaru Impreza still has some redeeming features, and Simone outlines whether they are good enough for a price tag that starts from $35k for the range-topping S trim.

The engine available for the Subaru Impreza is the 2.0 naturally aspirated four-pot boxer with 115 kW and 196 Nm of torque, the latter coming from 4000 revs. Yep, no turbo, not a heap of power, and not much in terms of performance.

This is why the efficient powertrain is a good thing, this is why even the CVT makes good sense and this is also why Subaru went out of their way to cram as much safety in the Impreza as possible and also create a comfortable, ergonomic, accommodating and practical interior.

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Hossein Rashidi says:

Lack of back seat air vents and charging points, lack of wireless phone chrager, lack of sunglass holder are the main drawbacks for this car, otherwise I drived this in 2017 and feels really good on road. Great to see it has an auto dimming rear mirror after all these years

bro bro says:

Any australian viewers here? I plan to buy a 2020 subaru wrx premium auto. But dealerships are asking 56k and its already december. What should be the right price for these during december. Please someone reply. Thanks

DoJoStan says:

Cool that they offer the eye sight technology in the lower trims now 😀

stuntmonkey00 says:

People complain about the power of the CVT, but they don't understand what's going on. The ECU programming is aggressively tuned towards economy, so if you accelerate in city driving it only gives you up to 2500rpm-ish with moderate throttle. Same if you are at highway speeds, light tip-in on the throttle only gives you a bit of rpm-rise. But if you dip into the throttle quickly, the ECU switches out of it's economy-engine-map and gives you 4000rpm or more, and plenty of power at sane and normal speeds for passing.

RaiQ Gomes says:

Spot on. We bought a Impreza hatch S in late 2017 and have been very happy. Reliable, comfortable, economical, safe, well equipped. May not be the most exciting car to drive but for city driving and tge occasional highway trip it’s more than adequate.

Stand by Trump says:

smoking hot metis

Dan S says:

Wow contender for the most boring passenger car design… There is nothing about the car that makes this car special. It is a… car. Taking the crown from the Corolla (which now actually looks a bit desirable to some people).

AMStorm says:

woman driver, RUN 🙂

Nicky Crea says:

Oh its got a CVT? I'll pass.

Black Flame says:

Absolutely stunning…

The car is pretty nice too.

Rudi van Starrex says:

Impressive and its about the symmetrical AWD ..

John Chester says:

Hi Simmone, great review as always, I must admit I'm not a fan of the looks or the engine and CVT transmission combination.
I think the Mazda 3 G25 Astina Sedan is far better looking. I have a 2020 G25 Astina Hatchback and are very happy with my purchase, at first I wasn't sure about the hatch styling, but it looks a lot better in person and the interior quality and finnish is very impressive.
All the best from Brisbane 🙂

Jism says:

It ain't even 2021 yet

Олег Радон says:

Best Subaru are Legacy with turbo) Overall Subaru is known for its long-term usability and reliability. In this category, nobody will give you a longitudinal platform with a perfect balanced opposite engine and all-wheel drive! Its almost Audi tech for Suzuki price) Smooth ride in no matter what condition!
P.s. Simone is so adorable! Those lips just calling!

Leon Ted says:

As always just here for Simone ☺️

Graham Wood says:

What a spunk

Avalia Carros says:

At 4:50 is reported that it has 460 liters of trunk or boot space. This is the typical FAKE GOURMET sedan, the one that comes ready to be swallowed by an SUV. In the ranking of decent sedans (TOP 500 SEDANS) with a trunk capacity above 500 liters or 17.6 cubic feet it does not enter.

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