2020 Volkswagen Passat Review // Comfort On A Budget

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James And Thomas review the AS TESTED $28,695 USD 2020 Volkswagen Passat R-Line. It has a turbo, 174 horsepower and it’s front-wheel drive. The car hits 60mp in over 8 seconds. It’s had a few updates for 2020. James and Thomas jump behind the wheel to see if it still holds up in light of its heavy competition. Watch and enjoy. SUBSCRIBE!



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marlon byrd says:

2003 Volkswagen pass at four motion, student loan Marlon SAE INSTITUTE ATLANTA?

Davaul Blackmon says:

Well you cant really listen to these guys if you are just a normal everyday driver, ive never got in the car and thought about hard plastics, analog vs digital…etc im a dad who is lookinh for practicality, I love driving this car..cant really take guys advice who drive supercars on a daily basis of course this would be a big let down for them

b1u says:

i wish i could get the european one in NY

Utooob76 says:

a small screen for their full size sedan??

William Modlin says:

So it’s basically a RENTAL car.

Marc Maznaritz says:

Just bought my Passat R-Line yesterday. Absolutely love it. You guys are freaking hilarious. Loved this video.

1982 says:

The best car for that money on the market, by far.

Crazy Kangaroo says:

I proudly drive a Passat B8 (in Germany) and that thing is not an Passat… it’s, I don’t know what that is…

The Editing Guy says:

no hate but all though the passat does look better on the exterior the jetta does seem to have mroe features and quirks than the passat so honestly i would pick the new 2020 jetta

Nationalcitysycho d says:


AJG says:

British people pronouncing Los Angeles “los angaleeez”

Jayson Delgado says:

I understand better your english than the unitedstadian way.

Thomas Callahan says:

Wait, these are 2 different humans? I thought it was a camera trick like devil, angel type review.

Zombii Vines says:

The gearing is so weird. It’s like I never get used to it but it’s okay.

Superfastjellyfish says:

That 🍑 🥵

Van Der says:

Not a fan of VW but I like the design of this one.

Brian Reardon says:

How does this compare driving wise with the 2019 dsg golf R?

Eagle Eye says:

2021 Mazda 3 I'd like to see

Dave P says:

The big advantage is it is not a CamCord. The base model is very attractively priced in Canada, which leaves some money left over for upgrades. I'd buy the base model, keep the 16" wheels for snows, and buy aftermarket 18/19's with decent tires for the summer. Don't need or want leather, too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and go with the cloth seats. A sunroof is nice, (my current car has one,) but I don't know what trim level it is available with. All in all, I could live with a Passat.

John Smith says:

I'm currently driving a 2020, 1.5 Passat. It's comfortable, spacious and does a good job as a family car. Nothing exciting but does what it was designed for. I also think the European model looks much better, as it has a less fussy 'face'. Also it doesn't have the ride height of a crossover!

Wanderson Aparecido De Souza Silva Aparecido says:

Eu adoro os veículos da Volkswagen meu sonho é dirigir um passat

Taooo L says:

I once called it"pasta" in front of my VW dealer

bighand69 says:

Digital gauges are not nice.

tj north says:

Why these guys don’t have at least 2 mill subs idk

Ronald Boykin says:

I don't know about anyone here but I love the Passat! I bought a demo 2008 Passat Kormfort, aside from a few recalls and maintenance things, I think its a good car. I get 200 horsepower out of it's 4 cylinder 2.0 liter turbo! I've got 73k miles on it. It runs great! I'm kind of skeptical about the new Passats with the 4 cylinder turbo with it's 170 horsepower especially of you drive with passengers. That's a bit of a strain on such a small engine. The Arteon has the same engine but it puts out much more decent horsepower but that engine may wear out faster!

Marko Niketich says:

Looks better then Camry and Altima together. So simple and nice

Fit Fogey says:

Intro. Frickin’ hilarious. Give us more!

Aaron P says:

Now with that pussy 175hp. What a joke. 2nd gen Scion TC has like 8hp more. Gimme a break

Dawn Joseph says:


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