2020 Subaru Outback XT Onyx Review and Off-Road Test

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Ryan has a full review of the all-new 2020 Subaru Outback, then he gets behind the wheel of a 2020 Outback XT Onyx (Turbo) to test the 0-60 time, try out the lane-centering technology and put Dual Mode X Mode to the test. Does this new Outback have what it takes to bring more customers to the Subaru brand?

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Cho Tube says:

Cinematography in this was beautiful! Really want this 2020 outback now. 😖

Lester Ma says:

These Subaru’s are not 4x4s

Damon Sneed says:

Great video! Would you also review the 2020 crosstrek in the same detailed fashion please?

Aviation Direction says:

Love my 2018 3.6R. Curious to try this new model, however in the near future. Not sure I like that tablet screen, though.

john kihara says:

From 13.05 you can hear the CVT whine, they need to work on that annoying whine.

Pekka Kilpeläinen says:

"Totally tablet-like central display"

Why, oh why?! Why would you want your dash controls be "tablet-like"? What's wrong with being car-like? Also, I want physical buttons to push and knobs to turn!

HockMeng Yong says:

Awesome video and great review !

Marley Butler says:

CVT no good for heavy caravan towing

cuchanu says:

So silly to have a CVT with fake gears. Give me a manual or an auto/CVT. Not some hybrid that is just fooling people.

Brian S says:

CVT? No thanks.

RainGoat Pathfinder says:

Glad to see Subaru is still holding strong. That was a genuinely interesting Forest Road. I do wish it wasn't CVT though (& the paddle shifters – like you said – Huh?).

BIZKIT says:

well….. there goes any chance of me buying a Subaru now. Those stupid infotainment crap isn't the future. You need tactile feel and static location to use while driving. Without that you risk getting into an accident.

it's really sad that the industry is going this way.

Andro1 says:

Ryan…your opinion….2020 Onyx XT or 2019 CX5 Turbo? I'm deciding between these two and am concerned about the CVT and also Subaru's recent recalls.

John Hunter says:

I am concerned about two issues about Subaru: 1. the in-born long-lasting engine oil burn problem (​@t; 2. quality of the CVT transmission.
Anyone has more information on these problems? Although this commercial gives nice review , I hope that the buyers get unbiased information/facts before they buy.

Trevar Ladd says:


Steve Wise says:

That’s one shiny infotainment screen. Being forced to use the touchscreen for virtually every use is ridiculous and dangerous…looking down.

Kevin Norwood says:

I’m a HUGE fan of Subaru’s love the cars however the new cars have to much tech for my personal taste not to mention they come with a CVT. I dislike the rev hang that the CVT brings. I would be more interested to buy one of it came with a DSG instead of the CVT. Not a fan of the safety tech either if people would stay off their phones and drive this wouldn’t be a problem.

Viking Swagger says:

Dropping 37K on a vehicle is something that I would feel bitter sweet about

Michael Powell says:

I love my Outback. But really don't think I'll be updating anytime soon if Subaru doesn't give us an Outback with STI type power. Subaru let me see an Outback with Volvo S60 Polestar type power and you would get my money.

Matthew Way says:

Everything except the piano black interior pieces and the cvt sound good…

banderastube says:

Rav 4 copy ?!?

高VICTOR says:

excellent video

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