2020 Peugeot 208 & electric e-208 review – game-changing small car? | What Car?

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You can buy the new Peugeot 208 as a petrol, diesel AND as the fully electric e-208! Watch our full in-depth review of both to see if Peugeot has created a new class leader – and let us know in the comments below if you think it’s the best looking small car on sale.

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M C says:

Love it !! I own the 208 model 2018 after i sold my mercedes E class E280CDI.
waiting for the new 208 to arrive to israel.

gz random says:

Best 2019 car

Mandrews Madventures says:

Yes, this is the best looking small car on sale.

Stephen Yap says:

Concentrate on one car … dont try to do too much… much confusing

otleybull says:

It looks superb in red!

misiotronik says:

Peugeot did a good job!

loukas says:

I wish i could afford it 😉

j17wmk2 says:

Well… I’d still have trouble parting with my money for a Peugeot but this thing looks fantastic, regardless of its class.

sparko2012 says:

Love the car but hate the wheel trims. Great review btw.

Filip J says:

What is this guys height?

Andrew Montague says:

Really balanced and fair review. Definitely the best looking car in its class and finish looks superb. Shame it doesn’t have the ride and handling dynamics (so important) to match.

Jon petter says:

This seems more premium than the DS which is PSA "premiuim" brand. Or Peugeot wanted that way….

Al T says:

This car looks more premium than the Golf 8, which is a VW and from a class above. This speaks loud about the quality that Peugeot has reached.

john anderson says:

Is the car not full of gimmicks?

David Price says:

Still got that previous model's problem of having a very small steering wheel but which still obscures the instruments. I assume the French designers must have very short legs but long upper body. Having driven many previous model 208s 'I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole' because of the position of the instruments. It also looks to have retained thick windscreen pillars.
The control of the infotainment system has to be a joke – truly terrible – the designers ought to have look at BMWs or previous model Audis to see how to do it properly.

Herman Munster says:

Hallelujah! A new car that is not an underpowered, oversized SUV. Well done Peugot for keeping it REAL.

Ukraine Kyiv says:

The overall design is good, except on particular detail. The front grill. Stop placing those huge (and small as well) grills on the front of EV cars! We don't need them because those cars are electric. So I'd rather prefer Tesla's approach to car front's design.

Claudio Andrei says:

When i get my license ill 100% get this car. It’s sick

Nikos Tzinopoulos says:

Great design inside and outside!

László Steiner says:

this is not a review, but a quick hands-on, title is quite misleading

Graham Smith says:

Much more useful would be the charging socket at the front, the position on this is a deal breaker for me.

Dexter Hexter says:

Yes it is the best looking car!
My mind is asking me to do this cus i dont want to write this, i am watching this review halfway not done

bogdan petcu says:

The new design language of Peugeot is really distinctive and fresh. The 208 is one of the best looking small cars if not even the best looking. The interior is a little over-designed.

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