2020 Fiat 500 Hybrid review – modern classic goes green? | What Car?

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The Fiat 500 has achieved iconic status and been a sales success – but that doesn’t mean it’s a good car. In fact, for a while now it’s been off the pace against city car rivals. So does an injection of electrification finally make it better?

0:29 – Exterior design
01:20 – Interior
02:47 – Infotainment
03:42 – On the road

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j kohilas says:

Hahaha…better rivals???what a comparison!!!he surely knows from beautiful cars..

Seve Sellors says:

Beautiful little car miss mine!

Bologna2008 says:

Wow….my beautiful Bologna!!! You buy this car because it is the most stylish in it's class, not because it is the best in it's class.

Wojciech Romik says:

The boy who is testing this car does not know what a hybrid still needs to learn a lot !

David Lazar says:

comparing huyndai iSomething to a Fiat 500? Common!

dean kirkham says:

I guess he really dislikes the fiat 500, Europe’s best selling city car that’s been around 13 years and still selling bucket loads for fiat. I’ve had the 500s and I’m 6 ft and never felt uncomfortable in the 500. Two thirds of his review was slating it and promoting other brands like i10 that have needed 3 new designs instead of telling us about the mild hybrid system.

Errin says:

The infotainment seems ripped right out of the new Chrysler’s and Jeeps. Which also suck.

paulo guimarães says:

I guess FIAT didn't pay them the money they wanted. So much talk trashing a car that they refuse to understand. Compares to others competitors saying the others are better. So…, tell me other models in that price range that offer an almost cabrio experience.

Narendran V says:

I'm not sure if the reviewer knows anything about 'fun' cars, let alone the Fiat. Maybe he googled a few bits about what to say in the review. I want real drivers reviewing the Fiat. Because, it's not everyone's car – strictly for those that still like driving and want to have a nice big grin when attacking a corner 🙂

minnie saab says:


daviddavisher says:

What a snidely, whining reviewer.

Linda Brunner says:

Love my Fiat 500 Pop, 2013. Runs like a top.

Kasey Berube says:

I bought a fully electric 500 almost a year ago and I LOVE it! I’m sure if I had a regular engine I fiat I wouldn’t like it as much. But I am in America and it’s kind of out of place because of how absolutely tiny it is. Lol

kozmopol says:

Im not a huge 500 fan but this presenter really seems overhelmed and confused.

Jeff Ruebens says:

You can add some Abarth scorpion badges, better for red or black paint, or a camouflage brown paint like a real scorpion.

faliray says:

Is this car going to be sold in the USA?

farmoboy83 says:

I dont know what kind of drugs this guy is doing but saying the drive and quality of a vw up ou kia picanto ia better than the 500…wtf? I work in a rent-a-car and appart of being more practical( you can always choose the panda over 500), the kia or vw are by any means more cobfortable or better build! Also the extras on the vw are minimal!!!

Simon says:

Lol hybrid is a joke in 2020. Fully electric is the only sensible thing to do.

Milhooz K says:

Looks like someone is bringing a nice gift from Northern Italy to UK before the brexit

Diego says:

Don't know you guys but after seeing the new 500 this one looks suddenly old.

Maciej Jusaka says:

I don't understand what is your problem with calling this car "hybrid" ? More than 90% of hybrids are like that. Plugins are rather rare.

Andrea Cellerino says:

The U connect from FCA is one of the best and easy info system to use. The 500 is a fantastic city car, fun, always makes you smile and easy to drive. I don't understand why this guy is so negative….

The First Witness says:

Fiat 500 is great. Don’t listen to this guy, he’s ridiculous.

Seve Sellors says:

Great car loved mine never had a problem in 4 years. A classic car.

Γεώργιος Παντελής says:

What's about it's price. No comments, why? 🤨
The hybrid is cheeper than 1.2 🤩

Kristopher Blakeley says:

Thanks for covering the infotainment.
I am hoping I can retrofit one from this generation into my 2017 Fiat 500e

Christopher Medeiros says:

The driving position is 10x more comfortable than any other car out there. All the manufactures are so hung up on laying you down in an uncomfortable, un-padded seat. My 500 gives me great vision around me and i don't feel like I'm climbing in and out of a space capsule when I egress. The other complaints were very nit-picky and this reviewer seemed to dislike the car going into the review. Thumbs down for me.

Carl Jones says:

I've driven an original and it was great fun

Robert Pryor says:

Boo to gas/petrol

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