2020 Aston Martin Vantage: Andie the Lab Review!

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This week I Lab Mom test the 2020 Aston Martin Vantage!

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Edited on Final Cut Pro X. Music: Royalty free music from Epidemic Sound

Friends/Family: www.youtube.com/ItalianMaMa


Sultan Niazi says:

As someone who owns a vantage it was such a lovely and refreshing review. Totally agree if one looks past the dated infotainment system the car is divine. The best music is from the exhaust anyway with those pops and crackles. Thank you for not hating on the grille. Fabulous review and keep it up. Hope you enjoyed the car.
Ps. Adorable Labrador too

THAMIR MAN • says:

Kkk heey habaabow😂

Adam Yost says:

Will you marry me? Lol

IX Sparkling Company Limited says:

Great video! Cheers!

Carlos Cortez says:

Seen many reviews of the Aston Martin Vantage and yours was one of the best. So much so that I'm picking mine up tomorrow. Thank you! Would love to see you do a "comparison of competitors" to not only the Vantage but others. Best of luck to you.

Z E R O says:

Aesthetic 10/10
Tech 5/10
Experience 8/10
Wallet friendly 0/10

H4ck3r L0rD says:

An Aston Martin with the Vantage's rear and the db 11's front would be the best looking car ever. I hope they have one ready for me when I eventually get to that level.

Lyndon Scott says:

My favourite car!

VINIT says:

Most amazing review i have seen till now.. and she's using Asus ROG..! She's got the taste!!!!!❤️

The Remedy says:

Grest review. Thanks

Adam Nicholes says:

Would love to see one in flat gray with a Aston Martin green racing stripe. Especially on a DB11 AMR.

Henri de Proms says:

If XRP is $100,- a piece I will by 2 of these!!!

Conan Fox says:

It’s a sexy car but definitely not worth paying 150k for. The resale depreciated like no tomorrow. Also, V8..

Ahmad Anash says:

They're not just beautiful they win races.

khan says:

I think you love black alot…

Kevin v says:

Wow cool lady that is. Totally real

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