2019 Volkswagen Jetta – Review & Road Test

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As we take a deeper look at the seventh-generation 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, some of the reasons we found to like this compact car are not what you might expect. Is it the handling? The suspension? Seat comfort or passenger space? Micah Muzio is here to answer all the Jetta questions.

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Dem James says:

So bus drivers are idiots??

Adrian Dsc says:

I cant stand this guy with his jokes…

Alcoholics1Baby says:

One of my favorite features on the old Pontiac Grand Prix I used to have was how the radio and climate controls were angled toward the driver. Sometimes, It’s the simple things

Perich29 says:

I have a 2017 VW Jetta with Auto and happy with it.

Matthew Savoy says:

damn that dude is ANNOYING and not funny at all

Jose Antonio Guerrero Freyre says:

If you are thinking to buy a new VW JETTA 2019, think twice.
I bought this car in May 2019. The 8 speed automatic transmission, beside making a grinding noise when is driving at a constant speed of 30 to 40 miles per hour (+/_ 1,200 RPM), make an annoying vibration. The service department and the VW representative said that the vibration and noise are normal. I think this is the most ridiculos answer that I ever heard from a car manufacturer.
I when to different VW dealers and drove a brand new car and all have the same problem. Be careful when you test it, maybe you will not notice it at the beginning.
Just type in Google "Jetta 2019 transmission problems" and you will see.
Pd: This happens on roads not very steep as we have in florida.


Hell Bent says:

Oh god why compare a Volkswagen to Toyota so stupid.

Steven Jaramillo says:

this has been really helpful, ive actually been trying to decide between the civic and this car, its not an easy decision, but the price point, and mpg is deinitely a plus to the jetta

easeinbox says:

Terrible line of cars- first impressions are great until you have re-occurring transmission problems. DO NOT BUY A JETTA

Stephen Shelton says:

Kelly Blue Book should not ever be used to review cars they suck. Literally

hayden hansen says:

What’s more reliable?, jettas, civics, or camarys?

ruzzell907 says:

The Corolla lost its independent rear suspension, then regained it.
The Jetta got independent rear suspension, then it lost it.

Jacob Lucas says:

volkswagon is garbage

Luna EB says:

Would like a more perfessional review not some brah


I have a new vw jetta 2019 that makes a rattle nois at 40-45 km.possibly wetsgate solenoid .vw tech heard but unable to fix

Mahmuod Nnagi says:

where is the prices

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