2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid | First Drive Review | Autocar India

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The new, eighth-gen Toyota Camry Hybrid is not just bigger and more luxurious than before, it’s got a heavily revised powertrain that promises to be vastly more fuel efficient. Gavin D’Souza drives it in Hyderabad to see what’s new, and how it compares to other luxury sedans of a similar price.

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Aditya Sharma says:

looks like a spider ! I still think the Accord Honda is better car !!!!!

Aby Mathew says:

Buy this car right now…i can assure u that u will be driving one of the rarest car on indian roads…infact it would be rarer than an RR phantom LWB….LoL….

Aby Mathew says:

Why did Toyota and Honda launch their Accord and Camry in hybrid version…they are friggin xpensive…They could have sell their mid level cars under 30 lksh in India…that would have been a much much better option rather than launching a 50 lksh model….nobody would spend that much money on a Honda or Toyota….. and Toyota's design languages are getting uglier and uglier…

Amandeep Singh says:

This car is for someone if you like to be chauffeured . A bit boring driving experience . Would rather have ford Falcon . PS:- I do have previous generation Camry and not an exiting drive very reliable easy to maintain but can't wait to switch

Malay Dhandhalya says:

Obviously toyota…..because it means reliablity, and sturdiness.

Jay Ghosalkar says:

The car now looks like the NASCAR Toyota Camry! Love it!!!!

One says:

No point in buying these Hybrids , when full electrics are coming.

Abhishek Singh Thakur says:

Hi Gaven another very good review from you.The way u speak about it is phenomenal, car is practical easy to drive,it's a car for those who like to drive around as well as driven around.after ur Urus review I like this review very much.Keep Rocking,keep doing what ur doing Always ROCKSSS….🤟🤟🤟👍👍👍👍

KAR98K says:

Ramoji flim city?

S M Ashiq says:

Location is Ramoji Film City

Yash Thakur says:

I saw this shoot in ramoji film city i was there

Hair stuff says:

It is so wise choice to not include turbo charge it is Very long lasting engline and known for Reliability

Sidh Goyal says:

The thing is the Camry is more of a futuristic sedan now than an elegant premium saloon. It has got lot of potential and the looks are sharp, but the problem is that at a price of 40 lakh, it really doesn’t outshine the German competitors. The government needs to cut down on hybrid tax and actually provide a rebate. Indian government needs to learn a thing or two from the Middle East. If the Camry comes down to 30-33 lakhs it would be a perfect fit.

Twist The Wrist says:

This is the best taxi car here in the USA for a reason. Don't hate new Camry I damn sure you regret later. This is well priced as well. This car has a bulletproof 2.5 NA engine Toyota is perfecting this engine for more than 10 years combined with the world-class hybrid power plant. NYC TAXI CAMRY'S DRIVEN 360-500 km/day in and around the NYC for 365 days straight no problem. Don't get me wrong I like and having German cars in my garage but Toyota hybrids are in for someone in future(They will definitely smart about their life)

Is this car is you? read below

* When you need 1000kms from one tank fill up
* Parts are very cheap to buy if it breaks (but I doubt it) and hybrid battery is good for 500,000 km proven in the USA
* No maintenance needed for 500,000 km(except oil changes, timing belt replacement, and brake pads) this cost nothing compare german cars
* Tell me a car manufactures in the world that thinks like Toyota. Every other car manufacturers in the world want their cars to break down at a certain point so that you can buy their new car.

Bela Desai says:

Skoda superb is arguably still the best car of the segment

R Laxminarasimha says:

I’m using this Car Camry 2018 in USA . Awesome one 🙂

Vv hese says:

this car looks good…but wait for all new accord which looks stunning…both of them are available in middle-east a long ago.

jagadeesh n says:

Toyota Camry 😘😍👏💐



paravatareddy pullareddy says:

that is shot in ramoji film city in hyderabad

Delhiite Piyush says:

From side looks like yaris…

talin nalo says:


Ganapati Hegde says:

One of the best and reliable car money can buy. Toyota is known for making quality products. I own a Toyota Camry and drives smooth as silk even after 13 years. Low maintenance is another key factor to buy this car.

Arkaprabha Banerjee says:

Toyota makes nice taxis

Gurkirat Singh says:

This car definitely beats the Audi A4, BMW 3-series and the Mercedes C-Class as far as VFM goes. Indian government has put so much taxes on the luxury brands that it's practically stupid to buy the entry level cars from Merc, BMW and Audi. I will definitely buy a car from this segment if not the Camry.

Kapil Gund says:

After 30 lakh mark there are SUVs like Fortuner, Endeavour, Kodiaq. So I think people will go for those. And if they absolutely want a sedan there are options like Audi A3, Mercedes CLA, Volvo S60.

Yashwardhan Shikari says:

Good car well done Toyota

Kumar Raja Raja says:

Is it having sunroof

Maneet Bhatia says:

I stopped watching it the moment host said no-apple CarPlay

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