2019 Tesla Model S – Review & Road Test

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Lest you think we’ve forgotten about Tesla’s Model S in all the 3, X and Y hullabaloo, you’d be mistaken. Here it is, the 2019 Tesla Model S. And how could we forget with Ludicrous mode and that insane dual-motor power. There’s so much more to talk about, too, so that’s why Micah Muzio is here. Also, he impresses some friends with launches.

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Bjørnar Huse says:

You are not supposed to drive slow in the fast lane. Every other country in the world gets it, but not americans…

Brandon Petersen says:

Wish I could afford it

Sandy says:

CO2 + Water + Sunlight = GREEN

luis Gonzalez says:

Ok so I want to but the basic model s ($75000) but then I want to upgrade to the long range one, is that possible and how much would the upgrade cost? I know all 3 S models have the same battery that its the software that is limiting the miles

musinclind37 says:

The recent update and motor efficiency change has increased the mileage to 370 miles per charge. Now that's getting ludicrous. Check tesla website for Long range model S at $73k. This car is getting to be the real deal!

apollstar1 says:

You deserve a raise. And I want a Tesla lol.

Tyler Martin says:

Best car out there. So many options and things you can do that others don't allow. Summoning your car? Oh my. That's futuristic.

Lachlant1984 says:

I understand currently available Tesla cars don't have sunroofs on them anymore, at least not here in Australia according to the Tesla representative who was with us today when my stepfather took a model S for a test drive.

Jessy Chand says:

I have a Tesla model x

Scott Hall says:

I want one soo bad!!! Elon musk rules✌

Ben says:


taker610 says:

Just a shill for big electricity. What happened to your integrity, Micah?

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