2019 Suzuki Vitara SUV review | What Car?

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The Suzuki Vitara is a small SUV that has always been brilliant value. However, after a recent facelift which included a bit of a price hike, is it still a bargain? Watch our review to find out exactly what the new changes are, what the Vitara is like and, to save thousands on your next new car visit: https://www.whatcar.com/new-car-deals/

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What Car? says:

What do you think is the best looking small SUV?

Keith Isaacs says:

Looks like a cheap version of the VW T Cross.


seat has better resale value than a suzuki ? thats funny….seat is just unreliable ….

Fire Man says:

Love Suzuki. Own the ignis. BUT. What do car manufacturers have against luggage space? We bought the ignis because the back seats can slide like a Renault capture. Because if you put a stroller in the back there is no space for suitcases or babies travel cot. Yes the leg room is more in the vitara but if you enjoy travelling WITH your family I would recommend looking at something bigger like the Peugeot 2008 or Citroën c4.

Shane C. says:

Absolutely the best small SUV! I must admit I'm a bit biased since I own one of these beauties, older model from the 2017., and I'm very happy with this car in every possible way – great engine, beautiful design, spacious interior, generous equipment, relatively low fuel consumption…
And the new Vitara is even better version of the already amazing car, equipped with so much of it in beautiful and very affordable package!

Eric George says:

Thank god I have a Renault Captur.

ossa60 says:

niggles and niggles……and it does hold it's price pretty good, basically for being japanese and being the best built.

Fr K says:

No Vitara S in the new line up. Shame, the S is far better than the latest model.
Oh, and as someone has already said, you just slide the volume on the screen and it works perfectly.

steve james says:

lol pos uses a torsion bar as the rear suspension.
all cars made today should idependant suspension

utter fucking junk..i bought the hyundai tucson..way better car

Live-Torsion-Paradox says:

''…recently had a facelift…" Or, maybe, been in an horrific accident that left it horribly disfigured. I thought the original version of this car was hideous and shamelessly derivative – this manages to be even worse! Apart from that though… it's terrible. How can the company that gave us the – very cool looking – Jimny, produce this horror show of a design.

Jay Benton says:

You slide the volume control up and down. I have the Vitara S and NEVER had an issue with the infotainment screen. Petty remarks from someone that has never used it properly. Thumbs down.

Dida White says:

The volume is a slide not tap you tit

james In Bradford says:

I had to reject my new 2019 1.0 Boosterjet SZT after 25 days due to the doors not opening (using the remote) and then the car wouldn’t start. The day after I picked it up I had to call The AA out, this happened 17 times in total (the AA man showed me a trick to get the car started).The engine cut out 3 times when I was on the road. It’s replacement was ok for 2 months then the driver’s door check strap broke causing the window not to fully open !

Andre says:

Naah not for me

Mark Jones says:

Excellent review, articulate and knowledgeable tester. To my eyes though the car looks bland and outdated. The 70's, 80's and 90's vitaras were great looking. There is always the jimny.

Oscar Lee says:

It just looks so cheap compared to its rivals.

thormaster06 says:

I'm looking to buy in this class, but after seeing what Peugeot did with 2020 Peugeot 208 I'll wait for new 2008.

Raymond Hunt says:

Ray H
I think the Mazda CX-3 is the best looking small SUV.

Andy S says:

Vitara is easily the ugliest SUV on the market, Really, who lent back from the CAD screen and thought…"yeah, that looks amazing".

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