2019 Subaru Forester – Review & Road Test

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Subaru’s fifth generation Forester might not look a whole lot different from the previous model, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a truck-load of great stuff going on in this latest edition. Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio walks us through all the new goods from Subaru.

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c Shep says:

Just bought my Forester. Got 4 inches of snow last night but too afraid to try it out ! Love the guy in this video , so cute and funny 🤣

Moses Paramon says:

The exhaust turns me off.. 👎🏻

Jim Timber says:

Superb !

..or should I say


T W says:

worst reviews

Gulupumo says:

I tested this car on Canadian Highway. Man, it is underpowered. I feel not confident accelerate above 80 km/h

wind7sailor says:

Good review, but the 9.5s times to get to 60 mph a real safety compromise for metered freeway on-ramps and the car's annoying/shuttering stop-start feature are deal stoppers for now. I hope they do something to improve the power, since my wife and I really liked the car and there may be a way to keep the stop-start off; check youtube video, I don't know if it works.

BigDick Nick says:

I just busted the fattest nut to this


is it privacy glass/tinted?

byron Rideaux says:

Subaru is the Japanese Volvo

Rad Sr says:

Mazda is not option if you really want AWD. All SUBARU cars are AWD and they make them in millions. Except BRZ.

ekim andersom says:

Probably my next car.
I love my current Forester 2.0 NA with CVT.
This new one looks better, nicer interior, lots of power, its perfect.

Lenny Dukhon says:

how many seats

faten altawil says:

Very weak for its size

annuna says:

I love Micah! He’s the funniest Kelley blue booker. Why doesn’t he have his own channel?

Gregory Thorson says:

If that car cost around like 18 to $20,000 brand new that would be awesome other than that it is not worth it! They're just not worth the money, but in my opinion there isn't one car that's worth more than $25,000.
I just bought my first nicer truck, and I ended up getting a Chevy Silverado for $16,000 that's 11 years old the only thing I could find in that price range that was in really great shape with low miles. And I only make $45 an hour I know people that are barely making $20 an hour and driving cars like this for an image or something but they're freaking retarded!

An Ngo says:

the rear is hideous.

Neung Manutd says:

You know.. the price in Thailand is around $44k usd

Angelica Cushing says:

The forester died in 2007.

Jeff Puglisi says:

We have a Limited model 2019 , it’s awesome I traded in my Silverado for it. No regrets at all. The power is fine no issues on the highway or the hilly mountains were I live. It’s also great in the snow. Drives smooth and quite. Handles excellent. Tons of room in the back and front seats. We absolute love it. Oh yeah we’re getting about 33 highway and 30 city. That’s calculating with fill ups and miles not using the system. The safety features are amazing. Were we live is very hilly/mountainous again no issues with power at all. I guess if you want a race car this is not for you.

Jay P says:

Ok this guy's hot

art chiu says:

cancel the cvt, add more horses

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