2019 Seat Tarraco first drive review

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Seat’s new flagship is a seven-seat SUV that’s built on the same underpinnings as the popular (and very good) Skoda Kodiaq. And, like the Skoda, it offers a very appealing mix of style, practicality, quality and affordability.

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JCCalvente Fotografo de bodas, moda, inmobiliaria - wedding, fashion, real estate photography says:

Great car, great price.

david hopper says:

Great review .Will short list .BUT only want 5 seats ?? For the price it is great value . Also been looking at the MG HS when it comes to the UK . All I want is a good value comfortable motor .As long as it will pull my caravan . And has heated seats for the missis . Vlue for me not gimmicks . When will you get hold of the new MG HS the 2l with over 200 bhp sounds the part . Could be 4×4 as well .

Irving Duran says:

Beautiful 😍😍😍

oris247 says:

Bizarre that other reviews are adamant that the third row is unacceptably cramped. This guy must be a beanpole. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiUOQWh2dJ8

AstroGaming says:

So it’s an MPV on stilts.
How many SUV’s does it take to saturate a market, VAG alone makes over 16 of them.

Cecil L says:

Pretty boring car, even by SUV standards

MICHGO1 says:


Wael Mkaouar says:

oh my! another bland soulless VAG product! GO AWAY!

De U says:

Nice exterior. Interior is utilitarian though

rabit818 says:

VW group is spreading itself thin.

minnie saab says:


Gray Filtered says:

Those seats look so uncomfortable to be honest and cheap ,my parents have a VW Tiguan from 2011 and it looks almost the same inside ,I drove it a lot of times and it feels like a cheap car.

Andrew K. NI says:

The petrol engine is ok if you're not using the car as a workhorse, otherwise the diesels will have better torque at lower revs and much better fuel consumption.

Mario Torrez Quant says:

They all look the same, why selling the same car in a "different" shape? And that name "Tarraco" mix of what? Urraco with terrain? Enough is enough!

ashlie higgins says:

the difference between the kodiaq, tarraco, and tiguan allspace, is how nice a deal the dealer will give you, granted the tarraco isn't as bland looking as the other two , just hope seat offers it in desire red, or eclipse orange, to liven it up a little more.

ElHussain Gamal says:

Looks much better than the Kodiak

Angus says:

i would say that, manufacturers keep making SUVs because they think we want them but actually i'd prefer a premium seat saloon and estate but i cant buy it so i have to buy the suv

Blake Swan says:

How many VAG SUV things are there on the market? Serious. I feel like there are 5 of every shape of SUV due to all the different brands under VAG. Kind of hoping for a gas crisis so all these SUVs go away.

spencer bowditch says:

For the love of god burn those jeans

ferrrini says:

Beautiful SUV

Michael Simpkins says:

That interior looks cheap and nasty and very drab

T H-L says:

So lazy using the rear door as the Tiguan Allspace and the 3/4 window of the Ateca….. It looks like a bus.

JΛMΛ says:

funny that people claim to care about climate change but will buy an SUV

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