2019 Porsche Cayenne Test Drive & Review

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The third generation 2019 Porsche Cayenne has finally arrived for your driving pleasure! Steve gives you an indepth look at this amazing machine that satisfies both the sports car driver in you as well as fulfilling your needs for a practical SUV.


Jason McCarty says:

The Squirrel Protection comment had me rolling

DigitalPowerShot says:

It's not Porsch', not even PorschAh, it's PorschEEEEE (German)… Americans 🙂 nice and funny review though 😉 Greetings from Vienna, Austria

Jimmy Wu says:

Good video. You are born as whore. You could of sold Jesus more more coin.

Jiaxin YE says:

I wanna have one. for real.

Ryan Rafer says:

this guy sold the most Porsche car in history. LOL. very persuasive, in a good way. keep it up man!! great review!

Cheetah G. says:

What is the price of this car ??

Shan Huang says:

you have to pay extra for everything in a Porsche car

Robert Anderson says:

It's a Burmester stereo system, not Burmeister. Also, it's a Tiptronic transmission, not Triptronic.

Anderson C says:

Looses it's "practicalness" when Porsche designers decided to slope the rear window so far FWD. 😛 Might as well buy the Panamera. Buy the tool for the job. I'd buy a pick-up truck for "utility". This is a status vehicle. That's what all SUV's are. Especially the Euro SUV's. .

Ali Humaydan says:

soo…its the same car of last year ?

Spectro Racing says:

if all you new Porsche buyers could do the rest of us a solid and order these with tow packages, that would be great. we gotta tow our race car in style once the depreciation hits after you trade it in on a new one

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