2019 Peugeot 508 Review – Finally! New Motoring

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Finally, the all new 2019 Peugeot 508. The old 508 saloon has felt tired for a while now, especially since Peugeot introduced the 3008 and 5008. But now, with a new platform, new engines, new gearboxes, new design, new everything, the new 508 is a car that finally feels fresh!

Note! We got two things wrong… The HDi 160 is also a 2.0 litre, and therefore weighs 1,530kg while the HDi 180 weighs 1,535kg. Peugeot have also said there is a manual mode, although it’s no longer on the gear selector as it is in the 3008/5008.

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Christer Larsson says:

Good review. Love the car <3

wwbdwwbd says:

I see, all that Chinese money has been put to good use.

Martin B says:

ocd much? jeez

Didier Lemoine says:

i like the 601 Peugeot !

metalbeast1998 says:

Peugeot cars won't sell here in America because we don't want to buy cars but if Peugeot bought vehicles like the 3008 over here I think they would be pretty competitive in the American market.

Dorian M says:

Wow i'm so proud to be french thank's Peugeot thank's to you To present this car

Ardhana Hariwidagdo says:

A 4 door French bliss this car is.

Stephen Doherty says:

Considering the typical depreciation and everyone buying SUVs, why such interest. As likely to sell well as the Mondeo, Vectra. Best selling saloon is now the 320D or 520D and even then…

Krzysztof Mądry says:

How can he see a road from down there ?

A Tribe Called Cars says:

I see my leg at 2:35 ish, do I get any royalties?

The Un-Personing says:

You related to Stephen Tries?? 😂


If higher revs make it lose power isn't that pointless? I was thinking of a diesel.

Covert Person says:

not big fan of Peugeot but this car is pretty good looking

NMB Ale says:

What about the visibility? It looked as if it was difficult for you to see above the steering wheel and the dashboard due to the low seating position. Please include the seat adjustment range in your new reviews.

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