2019 Nissan Qashqai review – still the best family SUV? | What Car?

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The Nissan Qashqai SUV has been a massive success story. It’s had an incredible share of awards, buyers and plaudits – but is this latest model still a great family SUV? It’s just had a facelift to try to fight off competition from the Seat Ateca and Skoda Karoq – but what’s it like?

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What Car? says:

Don't forget to vote in our poll at 2:56 – which family SUV has the best looking interior? The Nissan Qashqai, Seat Ateca or Skoda Karoq

Keith Isaacs says:

Karoq What Car best in class couldn't agree more lve got one it's superb every one who travels in it says how smooth and comfortable it is only people who don't rate it have never driven it.

Richard Tuson says:

Finishing 2nd from bottom on reliability outweighs all the rest which is pretty average anyway.

Pedro Don says:

it's a toy compared to ssangyong (been testing both). will we get a chance to see some review? I like your review and hope it could help me to persuade my common sense, which suggest buying more comfortable, spacious, robust family car saving half price.

Wankel RX-8 says:

Nissan sucks. In my opinion Peugeot 3008 is much better.

dotty gamer says:

This is the car my mum has.

Mark Morris says:

I've got this car and in this colour and its great

Jersey Representing says:

That UI is embarrassing

Jamie's auto detailing says:

I've got a 2016 x-trail tekna. Had no problems with it exept for a dead battery which is normal and breaks only now being changed. Very good car. The qashqui you have in the video is the acenta or the acenta premium. The n- connector comes with 2 tone wheels, partial leather seats. Way more stuff

Stuart Lovatt says:

I have had three qashqais which I have been very pleased with latest on 1.5 diesel bought new two years ago only trouble i have had is a battery which was replaced free of charge. 50 to the gallon free road tax lovely car very pleased indeed

Tomor Misini says:

I don't understand why no one notices it's on the right OK button a zoom option, you don't need pinch zoom for navigation map.

johndoe5743 says:

I fail to understand why the info system is so slow and ugly… I mean.. a chinese tablet is 100 eur and it gives you full hd.. It is 21st century Nissan!!!

HM Car Reviews says:

Best features in the Qasqai are the bake up camaera and top down parking assistance camera. Very useful when parking and manoeuvring around tight areas. I reviewed one myself on my channel, mine must have been the pre facelift version as I had a different infotainment system to the one you drove.

Tomas Tichonovas says:

Owner of a 2017 Qashqai, if your thinking of buying a qashqai ill tell you right now DONT, maybe im one of the unlucky ones but in 1,5 Years i had 40 visits to the dealer, faulty main car computer, faulty radar, faulty plastic components (popped off after 2 months, had to replace the rear plastic trim), way too sensitive parktronic as in a spec of dust makes it think your about to collide, and make the hole system go nuts, and so mutch fun while driving to be startled by a loud signal from the parktronic, the suspension feels hard, i had cars 10+ years older that were way more softer, also if you hear any sounds coming from your suspension forget about the warranty because sounds coming from the suspension are not covered by warranty according to the dealer, the electrical system is so good that you get nice disco show every morning when you start the car all the lights start to flicker and according to Nissan it should be like this, and even after 40+ visits i couldn't return the car even if i wanted to because we here in Europe dont have the lemon law like the american's 🙁 well this concludes my rant, save your self the trouble and buy anything else but the Nissan qashqai, Hope this heals atleast someone evade the trouble im having with my QashQai 🙂

Robin Sawchuk says:

has no heat for the winter………….worth about 5000 bucks.

Ivar Markusson says:

i've had a 2016 quashqai 1.6l diesel/ 4wd for a few years now, as a petrol head this car was never ment to imrpress me and was bought as an instrument for the home.. a soulless family car that serves it purpose. and it does brilliantly, but i must say that it has surprised me a bit how well tuned the suepension is, driven down a country road it really can handle it self and has a somewhat sporty charakter,

Bailey Munro says:

What is it getting replaced with?

Josh Bacon says:

Don’t be fooled by the badge on the front – just because it’s Japanese doesn’t mean it’s going to be reliable, because ever since Renault merged with Nissan in March 1999, Nissans haven’t been as reliable as they used to be before the merger…

Chris Lee - UK says:

Nothing but issues with our 2018 Qashqai. With in a week of collecting it from the dealer, it went back in with an AdBlu error. We finally got it back 5 weeks later but we still have issues, including random stalling and power issues. Also random power drops meant we were left out in front of traffic and have almost been hit a few times. I won't even mention the auto braking randomly kicking in from time to time. Will be the last one for us, this is number 3..

R A says:

How often do you really see someone touching the dashboard and say oooh this is so soft and premium?
And also, why is it so important that a cheap car has to feel premium? If you want a premium car, buy one instead!

TheSkinheadlad says:

had one on hire….. its a Renault basically the gearbox and engine are French but your paying so called Japanese parts prices, coupled with cheap Japanese switchgear rubbish rear view camera cheap 1999 style interior. tinny noise from the door and door handles rubbish boot its smaller than a small hatch. no thanks

Predrag Šinko says:

But, but, but, but..So no Nissan..Got you.

First Name says:

I see here comments about Renault and shit ..
Renault still makes the best engines in the world.
Ask any good mechanic you know.
Fuckin hell

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