2019 Nissan Maxima SR – The 4-Door Sports Car?

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For nearly 40 years, #Nissan has offered a sporty, premium flagship sedan in America called the #Maxima. The #NissanMaxima has always been the flagship for the Nissan lineup and while sedan sales have suffered a lot over the year, the company managed to sell about 3,000 units in January 2019. Having some much history helps and with so many Maxima fans out there, the current generation gets a slight tweak for 2019. Standard LED headlights, a new head unit, and additional safety features make it a more attractive premium sedan but is it truly the four-door sports car that Nissan wants you to think it is?


Redline Reviews says:

Happy Saturday everyone! That Avalon Touring that you see in the background will be making an appearance in an upcoming comparison test! It should show up in a week or two, until then… Let us know what you think would be the winner: The Avalon Touring or Maxima SR?

BeastMaster 64 says:

The comments section is toxic af yall are broke and will never get the chance to experience this car

Alex Hall says:

I don't trust Nissan as a brand anymore, they cut way too many corners and their vehicles are no longer unique or interesting. Helloooo Toyota!

gamerstashers says:

Typical human accelerates and says inpressive… kinda . When talking about the cvt TRANSMISSION… not the engine… and he didn't even let the transmission shift into another gear! Oh God this hurt to watch… also many many details were lost into the thin air!

Orji Obiorah says:

You should really improve on your camera movement, ya know

Michael S. says:

I love my 03 maxima se. bc coilovers sitting low, Works emotion rims, black leather interior with a Meagan racing exhaust. Pulls nicely & sounds like a racer. Needs work but still love it. She’s like Stiflers mom, old but sexy 🤗

Ice 'n' Fire says:

It's a fuckin crime to call anything with cvt transmission a sports car. Why Nissan have to go extra mile to just put CVT transmission in it? I hate that cvt whining.

Lashannan Humphrey says:

Cvt is the worst transmission ever.

Jorge Chirinos says:

No muy satisfecho lo compre 2-24-2017 nissan máxima 2016 platinum usado lo compre dealer NY con 7,912 millas único dueño NISSAN desde esa fecha hasta la actualidad he tenido problemas sunroof ,asiento piloto ,recall frenos, sonido parte guantera y por ultimo me cambiaron la transmisión y todo por falla de fabrica que es lo q me dice NISSAN tiene garantía y lo ultimo tuve accidente el choque fue lado derecho del copiloto y la llanta se doblo porque dos piezas que soportan la llanta se rompieron llame a NISSAN y me dijeron fue por el accidente en la actualidad tiene 25,460 millas cuando lo lleve en marzo 2019 recall de los frenos me dijeron cambio transmisión por fallas de fabrica para terminar mi experiencia con este vehículo mucho problemas en lo personal y no me da ninguna seguridad para mi y mi familia

汗 体臭。 says:

Wow very nice looking car! How come they don't sell the car in Japan?

RANDOM æð says:

I've been driving Nissan since 1999, to be honest, this is a disappointment.

Justin bustin says:

Front hood seam is a eyesore. Carry it to the grille wouuld make the front slick looking

Pammie Time says:

Wait, how much is this exact car because i've been looking for a couple years at different cars and I finally see this is the one…This color, these rims this car this exact car.Please let me know if you know.Thanks

عبدالعزيز القحطاني says:

اشكر امكم✋🏼شكراً ي ابو خنزير😹✋🏼امزح

Adrian Pina says:

I never liked that large Nissan emblem to long of a name to show it on the front that's y Mercedes Benz emblems name ain't over car

ruts 126 says:

looks like a bigger Sentra R

Karreil2525 says:

Has anyone noticed how difficult it is to vacuum the carpeting in these Nissans. The material is cheap and holds grass like velcro.

Justin Mayberry says:

wheres the 6 speed option Nissan? come on man its getting harder finding old 5speeds…

patrick jackson says:

Sounds like crap and driving a Nissan like that will definitely destroy that CVT prematurely.

Roderick V says:

What Nissan needs to do is turn the Maxima into a crossover

Matt P says:

95-99 Maximas were the best Maximas. That CVT sounds like a slipping clutch!

Hilda Empeno says:

Right “Sports car”

johnathan stith says:

Maxima is a very tough car

johnathan stith says:

The 2011-2012 was the best body style

Ayyaz Mahmood says:

15:06 The car be like "Stop driving like a jackass"

Mihir 2009 says:

If this car needs AWD, it should have VQ35HR.

Jameswilliam1982 says:

Nissan needs to put the VQ30DETT in the Maxima w/ AWD. Please pass this message to Nissan R&D, if they dont know already. the stinger has one upped them.

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