2019 Nissan Altima – Review & Road Test

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The sixth generation Nissan Altima has come a long way since the model first appeared in 1992. But sedans are such a thing of the past, you say? SUVs are burning up the sales charts, but can Nissan’s Altima make a strong argument for buyers to give cars a second look? Lyn Woodward from Kelley Blue Book answers both questions and more.

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True Life Average Jane Vlog says:

Sooo sexy yes !

Spletest says:

I'd take this over the Honda accord. Honda has really fallen asleep in the quality control department. The new Camry se is very enticing though, they just need to fix the ergonomics in a refresh.

Mvk Mvk says:

My dad's 2014 Sentra has over 145k miles on the CVT.

Daniel Garcia says:

So what happen to the tail lights . Sentra has LED taillights.
What happen Nissan

Kyzzle112718 says:

On Regular gas the VC-Turbo will get 236hp and 262 lb-ft of torque.
On Premium Gas the VC-Turbo will get 248hp and 273 lb-ft of torque.
PREMIUM GAS IS NOT REQUIRED, check the Nissan Press Release.

Greaterpurpose 13 says:

PLEASE DO NOT BUY A NISSAN! You will regret it!!!!!!! Nissan hasn’t been good since the late 90’s. Once they merged with Renault (I think that’s how you spell it) they became 💩💩💩. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Nesar Sultani says:

Nissan is not reliable after Nissan and Renault merger and got worse when got CVT transmission. the interior is nothing but cheap material. We have one and we hate it. CVT oil change was over $300.00 at the Nissan Dealership. Hyundai makes better cars than Nissan and that is shame.

Mc Joh says:

I'd love to get one and prove it can last up to a million miles just to spite all of the naysayers

B B says:

Nice looking car, I am glad they are not doing that over curvy aerodynamic look that is so popular. I do not know what they were thinking when a designed this car for premium fuel only. Its an economy sedan!

E Meyer says:

Dealer's are already stocking up on CVT's for the inevitable breakdowns

Pouya Vakil says:

Lyn are you a teacher? Doing car reviews not your thing. Also when you are sitting on driver seat and you say the seats are very comfortable but your face says otherwise, it is bad on so many levels.


I'm sold on it. 😎

Medal Mold says:

What’s CVT mean ?

kishan harripersad says:

looks just like an Optima so do yourself a favor and buy an Optima instead.

radudeATL says:

I literally cannot tell you the last time I saw a new Chevy Malibu here in Colorado.

m6m17 says:

premium gas??? its a NO NO.

Utooob76 says:

nice review… but premium gas?? Ill pass

John Lowe says:

Piece of garbage. Never buy a post-2000 Nissan. Bankruptcy waiting to happen.

Golden Morphine says:

y’all really crying over a Nissan CVT but go buy a Chevy 🙁

MrMoonlight555 says:

what do I expect from that kind a reviewer ??? BS

Kwame Appiah says:

Can't wait until Hertz has these!

Arc Angel says:

Correction: It does not require premium fuel! It’s variable compression, that’s the whole point! It requires premium fuel only if you want the peak power! If you don’t care about peak power, then a lower octane is ok.

SDFcommander says:

I rented the last generation Altima and I was really impressed so if this was better than that, color me interested. The premium gas thing is a disappointment though but I am loving the styling! Nissan's design team is really doing a great job with the look of these vehicles. Toyota, but specifically the Lexus design team, should be taking some notes. Really hate the "goatee" front end of many of the Lexus vehicles.

Carlo Garcia says:

I really like Lyn a lot – although she should probly stop dropping Micah's name in her reviews. Not that I'm jealous or anything mind you…haha

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