2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross – Not The Eclipse You Remember

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Despite what you may think about #Mitsubishi as a brand. Sales are up in America and what has saved the company over the years are crossovers. Unfortunately for enthusiasts, performance cars have been gone since 2015 and while the 2019 #EclipseCross brings back a name that we haven’t seen since 2012 this is not the same #Eclipse coupe that you may remember from The Fast & Furious movies. Reborn as a 5-seater crossover SUV with a coupe-like roofline, the all-new Eclipse Cross slots between the Outlander Sport and Outlander and is powered by a new 1.5L turbocharged engine under styling elements that will remind you of the old Pontiac Aztec.


Stephen Hornak says:

BTW, CVT SUCKS! Mits CVT SUCKS even more. My Lancer I had to replace the trans in the 85-90k range and the replacement trans didn't work, so they had to replace it again. That trans about 12k later was already going out. That's when I got rid of it. Sadly I had Mits all way back from 85.5 Starion to many lease cars when I worked for them. No I drive a Chevy lol

Stephen Hornak says:

I bet the name Eclipse was used as its cheaper. When a car company names a new car they have to pay a company to research if the name is used in any way so as not to get into legal matters. Mirage they used to have to post that they were given the permission to use from a company in AZ, Scottsdale if I remember. So reuse or rehash an old name is cheaper.

Austin L says:

Everyone involved in bringing this car to the market needs fired. Shouldve just started reproducing the 2nd gen.


Mitsubishi ain't worth a jack!! Yikes!

BMoney8600 says:

They cancelled production of the Evo for this, who hurt you Mitsubishi?

Crazy Family says:

and just funny…I write the comment before I watch the review and he had the same comment hahaha

mbambest says:

Elek! 👎
Ojo nyandang jeneng Eclipse, ora pantes…

Abron Hawkins says:

Mitsubishi Aztek.

Krizia Francisco says:

So 90% of the comments are shaming this car, yet, have never owned or driven it. Anyone on here ever drove it ?

aperxmim says:

Because of Mitsubishi past, they need to add more features to make a comeback

RacerRyan 86 says:

I'm laughing at the people who were complaining about the 4G not being AWD back when it came out. Well, you got your wish, an AWD Eclipse. Wish you could go back and take back your wishes? 4G for life.

Jhamar L. B. says:

The Eclipse's now an SUV, the EVO will be an SUV as well. What's next? Mitsubishi GTO Cross

everslim smith says:

Nae nae for me. 5’7 at the back row, almost bump your head in the Ceiling.

Gerard Ferry says:

Why dont you try to do the drag race between honda, toyota, mazda, hyundai, kia and Ecclipse Cross to its close capacity level, especially its off roading capability!!!

brad h says:

Mitsubishi has superb crash test ratings and fantastic reliability. It's time for Honda and Toyota to stop living off their past cars. They are no longer reliable. They suck. These big time Youtubers are biased. Not sure what their motive is, but you can't rely on them. Talk to some Mitsubishi owners. They LOVE their cars.

Boricua Guerrero says:

Mitsubishi Aztec 😂😂😂 horrible tham 😂😂😂

Car Fan says:

Dont blame Mitsubishi blame the people who Buys suv.

Mariano Ceja says:

That dose not even look close enough to a eclipse


same thing they did with MIRAGE! older gens were exciting -they killed it with their newer gens! Eclipse is somehow going down the same drain! They could just have named is differently! or just CROSS!

Luke H says:

Good car actually. It is what it is, only gripe with it though is the cheap plastic they used on the steering wheel that creeks more than HMS Victory. Oh and the number of warning bongs, Christ! Its like driving windows 95.

matrix gaming says:

Pontiac aztec 2.0

Kines Lee says:

Hey dont drive my ride


It's such a shame that US customers get an underpowered and confort oriented one. Here in Europe we have 163ps and manuel transmission with harder suspensions. Maybe it doesn't effect the numbers so much but it definitely feels better.

Has mano says:

mitsubishi nowadays is f#cked up

mike yates says:

Battery guage %
Tire pressure guage psi # ?

Sergeant Clifford says:

Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Japanese twin of the Eagle Talon is now a shitty modern hybrid version of a Pontiac Aztek

Sairve Two says:

I love Mitsubishi. I have a 2004 Montero (first owner). It has never given me problems. Very good reliable car.

oliver j says:

This is hideous.

T R says:

Mateo, what the hell are you doing outside of Cloud 9? Great review though!

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