2019 Mini Cooper Review // Can a 3-cylinder be any fun??

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The Mini Cooper 3-door is the base model in the Mini lineup and starts roughly $23,000 in the Canadian Market. The buyer still needs to add heated seats as an option! The biggest surprise is just how good the 1.5L turbo 3-cylinder engine is. Sure, not as much fun as a Cooper S but for everyday commuting, this car is fun, frugal and surprisingly good.

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Charlie K says:

Why almost half of the video with no-nothing?

The MINIac says:

I’ve driven several 3-cylinder ones. They can definitely be fun.

Ronnie Matrix says:

Great little car with good gas mileage.


They're cool and fun looking, and a blast to drive (I've read), but they're junk, with a cramped interior, poor ergonomics and a harsh ride. Maybe these new ones are better, but that's the story of older ones.

Ronglou Lin says:

I think the phone call problem only happens to Android phones. I recently made the switch from iOS to Android and just encountered this "does not go back to where it was" problem.

3muration says:

Getting mine tomorrow!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Van Grando says:

Hey, fix the Carcost link in your description. 😜

B Fisher says:

I actually like when you test the top of the line stuff. I like to know what I'm getting when I go full spec, and how the stuff performs. Love your videos!

Caden Yany says:

Honest as always. I’m glad you are not saying every car only with advantages. Keep that being honest and straight forward.

BlueChinchillaEatingDorito says:

I absolutely love how even the base model comes standard with a panoramic sunroof. Maybe it's because I've just been driving dark and dingy econoboxes just a solid metal roof all my life. It's a shame how other manufacturers make you step up all the way to the highest tiers just to get one. And even then it's just a front sunroof. It's better than nothing, but come on. I'm sure they can do better. Especially with the growing trend of slopping roofs and smaller rear windows, a bit of extra light would be terrific. Just sit in a Cadillac ELR and you'll get what I mean. Sitting in one of those feels like a dungeon.

Fernando Santos says:

Zack the only good thing in that Mini is … "Here comes the sun" from the Beatles playing on the radio .

592combat says:

What a piece of shit, not you zack the car ;D

daviesakiller says:

3 cylinder engines are very fun, in snowmobiles.

sun pop says:

I'm driving Mini Countryman manual transmission 2018 version with same engine you reviewed. It's enough horsepower for me and it is oil efficient.

Pars S says:

Not as cool. But Civic LX 6MT Sedan cost less and will out drive any of the tiny upstarts. Plus the Civic's 2.0L is like the 3cyl in the Mini, you can easily pull from 1000rpm or leave it in 2nd if you're lazy. However, it likes idling along in 5th at 40km/hr while maxing on the engine deactivation on the down hills… Might not seem right, but factor in that the Civic LX Sedan weight 2770lb.

In Europe, there's a tax premium on bigger displacement engines, but not here. All the manufacturer jumping on the Turbo bandwagon seems clueless to that fact. Toyota is only one that's in the know.

Scott Bott says:

Hasn't it been a 3cyl since 2013 ?

buildmorefarms100 says:

This car handles amazingly and is peppy.

minnie saab says:


sydjaguar says:

I have the 5 door version of this car and its just a hoot it drive. I am thankful that mini is still making a manual with a real handbrake. No issues, flies thru corners.

Davis Lawrence says:

I'm interested in one of these. How is the Cooper S as a GTI alternative?

seif salman says:

I think this engine can make way more power with a bigger turbo or higher compression ratio , but i think bmw still testing the reliability of this i3

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