2019 Mercedes-AMG GT63S 4 Door Coupe Review – Most Powerful 4 Door Mercedes Ever Built

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We go for a drive in the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT63S 4 Door Coupe

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TheStraightPipes says:

What's a 4 door coupe? Is this the best one? Also – 2nd most powerful Mercedes ever built. I forgot about the SL65 Black Series. My bad

Henry Berrisford says:

That car, sounds magnificent

Mr. Gr says:

Torque in Nm please 😴

Leigh Taylor says:

Id ftake the Merc 🙂

Vincent Vega says:

If i had the money? Porsche, everytime.

Kevin Chaparro says:

Amg gt 4 door > Panamera

Must123 says:

Incorrect. Most powerful Mercedes ever are the 65’.
621 HP/ 738 TQ…. that is a combined higher number

Eagle Man says:

Nice A Seiko SKX!

Eric Jones says:

Damn why did he diss the mustang gt like that ?? Lmao

Daniel Lyell says:

That is not a coupe. The chrome around the windows is tacky.

snix89yt says:

Chris Harris already saw how good a Mercedes drifted with the E63 S Amg. So no need comparing it “Real drift” cars. You guys are late to the party once again.

Vicente Echeverry says:

Charger wide body review coming soon please?

Skylaber says:

Nice watch, Seiko SKX.

Keon R. says:

I'll take an S63 instead.

DaDonFather says:

Those who can afford this monster never need to put a box in the rear. Boxes are for the help. Trunks are for golf bags…..or body bags in the case of Ray Donovan.

SONICR says:

For $189,500 would you rather have:
a: one Mercedes AMG GT?
B: a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, Challenger 392 scat pack widebody, Kia Stinger GT Limited and a harley davidson street rod?

rendra hutabarat says:

A modified e class chasis right ? Not a bespoke chasis

Xavier Mathews says:

I would go with the Porches.

DaDonFather says:

1st mod I'd do is try to change that slab of silver on the mid console with carbon fiber. Perhaps Merc can follow Porshce & offer it as an option for an extorsion.

RealAvus says:

Nowadays coupe mean the German are going to charge you more $$ for a 4 door vehicle. Example: 4 door coupe is more expensive than 4 door sedan. SUV coupe is more expensive than a regular SUV. It is all about the $$$.

Tristan van Niekerk says:

Just drove one on the track, it was a great time, through the really tight corners you can definitely feel the weight of the vehicle. But you can keep pushing and pushing it and it still holds its line. The one I drove didn't have Carbon Ceramics so the brakes got real toasty and every time I came Into the pits they were smoking. But I never lost faith in them. Great car, looking forward to putting more laps on them.

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