2019 Mazda 3 AWD Review – Is It Finally Best in Class?

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We go for a drive in the 2019 Mazda 3 Sport AWD

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Our reviews give you two perspectives. Jakub takes the perspective of the car enthusiast, while Yuri represents the interests of the general consumer. You won’t find details about engine compression ratios here, instead you’ll have real world opinions on what it’s like to drive and own cars.

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TheStraightPipes says:

What do you think about the new Mazda 3? Does this new redesign + AWD put it at the top of your list?

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Christian Castro says:

I have acknowledge the way this video is presented, the shots and angles are something i havent seen presented before, I'm amazed. Plus amazing review of the car.looks cool!

Victor Todoran says:

I stoped watching after 4 ads

DividedMH says:

This car is actually pretty ugly 😳 concept looked way better

Austin Agli says:

Bring us the turbooooo…please, doesnt have to be the MazdaSpeed3, but I think a lot of us would like a manual turbo Mazda3

Chill says:

If the Veloster N had awd, which would you guys pick?

C. Hwang says:

the Hatchback needed to look like the CX-30… that has the right ratio of glass and c-pillar, in my eyes.

Patrick Krott says:

Seems like a great overall package. It's obvious Mazda did their research about what matters most to overall satisfaction with a vehicle.

Joe Weber says:

Turbo or bust!

Trigiron says:

God I love your videos. Great production quality and there is just constant information. This is a packed 19 minutes! Thanks guys.

M Rs says:

The fat hairy guy needs an smartphone not a car … the guy complaining about bezzels and buttons in a car review wtf

Captain August says:

man the interior is so good. too bad about the outside

Giancarlo Gimang says:

I would like to see how the smooth non-creased door panels perform in the parking lot parked beside a car with children in it. Those hard body lines actually stiffens the door panel, I feel like having no hard body lines eliminates the stiffness. I wonder what happens when an adult person leans on those door panels 🤔

RJ mi says:

Interior looks classy and not cluttered DEFINITELY LOVE the interior look and if they really used x rays to make seats ergo that’s great as comfy seats are about the single most important part of interior. Looks classy and high end for price point.. why why why do all reviewers and most people hate piano black and mfgs seem to just copy each other as a trend that people don’t actually like.

Musicmann1022 says:

This car is good, but I like the model 3 sedan better. Beautiful design front, back and interior. Great review gentlemen!

RJ mi says:

Front end is exquisite? I think so. Being a hatch is hard to keep the style up as you get to the rear BUT YOU GET THE VERSATILITY AND UTILITY so you can’t complain that the sedan looks nicer. Like many cars the hatch looks better from different angles. Biggest issue for me is you can’t get the manual on the base model which makes it a no go. And yes putting tags on that pretty front end is a DRAG.

A B says:

If it wasn't so damn ugly. And no manual? gtfoh

Morris The car guy says:

ordered one about 1 month ago and when it arrived it had a dead ECU😢 so still waiting for and other new one

Gary Craft says:

Say it with me! Ma zzz duh NOT Mahhh z da

unknown9106 says:

Looks exactly like the concept car cool!

임성진 says:

when mazda looks more like Alfa than actual Alfa

임성진 says:

solid rear axle is a big big let down to me.

Kadir Can Akbulut says:

Mazda best car 👍

Alex Siuda says:

This or GTI?

Paraj Fernandes says:

Daaayum! That's one beautiful machine! 😍

Jason Tj says:

Lexus LC please!

Saif Gmdi says:

It looks like an egg

NarcOpie says:

No manual – Pass

Fizar Aulia Rahman says:

Can you tell me the soundtrack?

Alex Popa says:

Stops at min. 1.09 – 186hp, 2.5, no manual? Where was that Subaru WRX video?

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