2019 Lincoln Nautilus Review

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Mike Gurr tests the updated Lincoln Nautilus, formally called the Lincoln MKX crossover vehicle. The Nautilus reaches a fresh new exterior, with new front and rear updates but the interior still falls short due to inexpensive looking plastic and the push-button transmission minted next to the radio head unit. The new Nautilus SUV has a 2.7L turbocharged engine with a solid 335hp.

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Xklusiv says:

I was once given an MKX of this generation, as a loaner car, while my MKZ was in for service. I love the interior, and the car drove very smoothly. My only gripe was the front fascia of the MKX. I just didn't like the way it looked.

Now, with this new Nautilus….that has all changed. I LOVE the new fascia of the Nautilus and MKZ (mine was the first fascia, similar to the MKX). Will definitely be looking into leasing one of these in the near future.

Heidelbergensis2011 says:

As the owner and driver i have the interior around me all the time. Thats why i need a beautiful interior. I give a shit how beatiful it looks from outside. All the other LINCOLN modells look so stunning inside, why should anyone buy this plastic FORD?

marve6969 says:

I think this vehicle looks great on the outside and I love the push button transmission as it saves room in the center console area!

Nezumi Speed says:

This Nautilus is just gonna be another big fat American failure just like all the ones that came before it by Ford/Lincoln.

julius ceasar says:

that front console makes it a no buy for me

john butrico says:

Pound feet of torque, not foot pounds

NEWPL says:

Your boss says 2 litre turbo barely adequate

Steve Smith says:

Looks awesome from the outside but Im sure it will not hold its value for long . Just like the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator . Reliability plays a huge factor. You're correct Blake Swan. For that money it should have a richer more high end look.

Nunya Bidnnezz says:

73K ARE YOU MODAFUCKING SERIOUS?!?! WHY?!? you can get a 2019 X5 or Mercedes GLE for that (FULLY LOADED)

xadam2dudex says:

Buy an Edge

J Sim says:

Motormouth is really it….good lord…all talking no Nautilas…..💩🐦

Scott Nyob says:

The pic of this pos in front of a private jet was hilarious….unless the vehicle owner was there to clean the jets bathroom.
People who own one of these melted ford fly coach.

Ruthy Miranda says:

That's a 73 thousand dollar piece of crap. Just get a GT Edge for 20k less.

Jordan Skelton says:

Looks exactly like the previous model with a new face that’s about it

Jeremy Mitzuk says:

The new Lincoln’s are so nice. One small thing for me is the stupid push button gear selector on all the Lincolns. It’s just gaudy.

Jonathan James says:

That electric guitar noise is awful ….

WS P says:

My favorite thing is the name…Nautilus…shout out to Jules Verne. Otherwise it's just a pricey Ford Edge ST (2.7 engine).

Robert Devoy says:

What is wrong with having a dash mounted push button gear control? I like it. It gives the center console a clean uncrowded look without some post sticking up in the middle. What I don't like is the turbo 4 cylinder in such a heavy vehicle. It's definitely out of place even in base trim.

Diego Guzman says:

I dig the aviator desing better nd navigator as well although the aviator looks slicker imo.

clandfaf says:

73k competitive LMAO!! I will wait 2-3 years for the price to drop hard and then maybe pick it up.

MANXAN H says:

Fucking hate suvs I’m not a tree hugger I just can’t go to a junk yard and see the car I’m parting cause all the fucking suvs and soccer moms can’t fucking drive

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