2019 Lincoln Nautilus Review – Worth Getting Over The Ford Edge?

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We go for a drive in the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

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Our reviews give you two perspectives. Jakub takes the perspective of the car enthusiast, while Yuri represents the interests of the general consumer. You won’t find details about engine compression ratios here, instead you’ll have real world opinions on what it’s like to drive and own cars.

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TheStraightPipes says:

So is this worth getting over the Ford Edge?

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No One says:

Loaded with unnecessary cheap electronic. You'll have to pawn your kidney to get it fix…

Wylliam Clayton says:

Do you have any data on using the high octane fuel (93) as recommended by manufacturer?

Nancy Johnson says:

I like you guys. You’re nice to each other and make amusing comments back and forth that make me smile. I watch you even if I don’t want that car.

just kidding says:

Hideous looking center console….
Those vertical buttons along the center screen…wow. looks like 15 years back in time.

Preston Burns says:

My 2014 Ford Escape does that honking thing too I hate it

Cameron Born says:

Front end gives me Bentley Bentayga vibes minus the circular headlights

its me says:

Why the fuck do you need heated and cooled seats at the same time?

The Survivor says:

Me looking at the guy flexing his fake Rolex lol

Shaheen says:

Not surprised by the Santa Fe comment. I leased an XC60 6 months ago and fairly regularly think I should have just gotten the Santa Fe or waited for the Telluride or Palisade. The Santa Fe would surely have less rattles and be in the shop a lot less. The tech stuff would have worked better as well including the rain sensing wipers.

mujjuman says:

these seats are different than the navigator and continental seats…. seats are very important for me so i will not get this

Jim Koeniger says:

Thanks for this review. I was going to test drive The Shrimp today but now I won't. You saved me a couple hours dealing with car dealership boloney. I'm 6'6", 300#'s, and 72 years old. I need a truck. We're looking at a Honda Pilot. I can't stand the arm rests, everything else is ok. It'll be my wife's car so I guess I can put up with the arm rests. She likes the Pilot…A LOT. When will American manufacturers realize foreign competitors try so much harder to make a good car? What put me over the edge was the cheap paddle shifter (who needs THEM anyway???) and how they "buried" the seat adjustment crap under layers of tech on a freaking screen! PLUS…who wants a BROWN car? BROWN is for crap and toast…not cars. Jeeze.

Keith Newton says:

The front ifvtjus looks very like a Magyar FPace

Doug Reimer says:

Luv the fact that this car is mfg in Oakville but the settings are a turn off and so is the price.would
look at late model MKX instead.

spyke0511 says:

Santa Fe? Seriously? With all those cheap materials, noisy interior, and horrible unrefined ride where you feel every bump through the wheel?

spyke0511 says:

Sonata spin interior trim… Vital.

tomtalker2000 says:

I have a 2015 Lincoln MKC 2.0 AWD with only 30k on it. And the SUV is BEAUTIFUL all around. Coming from a 2010 Mazda 5 Grand Touring minivan. It's LEAPS and BOUNDS better then my previous vehicle. As others have stated Lincoln is DEFINITELY making a comeback and their ecoboost engines are solid and powerful. The only downfall they need too get better on is fuel economy. If they could get that nailed down you'd have an A vehicle getting an A+ for damn sure. And NO FOLKS these are NOT FORD's by any stretch totally different vehicles no matter if they share the same platform. They are different big time. For one thing Lincoln is FAR more reliable then Ford.

Luis Aleman says:

0:17 for some reason I was expecting for him to start rapping

Jason Interceptor says:

I like this car.


This or the Cadillac XT5? which is better?

Tony W says:

Nautilus is the right name at least. It's a fucking boat after all.

Dave Watts says:

High end plastic…only $65,000….hell, slap an AMG emblem on too…all cheap gimmicks that fool the idiots that believe no one laughs when we see these overpriced POS's in traffic, YOU SPENT HOW MUCH?….mass produced garbage.

N_rii says:

The unpainted lips, skirts and fender liners are really ugly

Louis Barningham says:

Looks amazing!

Bianca lo says:

Really I look at other cars and I’m like yeah, I could get a fully equipped Hyundai and still have money left over and be satisfied

Keith Richardson says:

Having the car not operate without the key is genius

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