2019 Lincoln Nautilus Review: Is It Worth The Money?

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Watson Gibson says:

This review sucks.

colderbeer says:

Home run….that Lincoln grill is the bee's knees….

Aloha Dubs says:

Roll this up next to a Cadillac Escalade. Sit back and watch the fireworks.

Kai Lin says:

Why not go for a Navigator? What kind of stupid question is that? A Navigator costs 35k more, that's not reason enough?

Kevin Danker says:

Love you guys but credibility lost on the Z vs x boo boo now I feel like you really do not care.

Czeal Tamahawk says:

He's an expert.in automobile so he named it mkz. I had stop and drop a note. Dumaz.

Terry W says:

Beautiful car! Why does the person in this video keep saying replaces the MKZ. I thought the Nautilus replaces MKX.

Guided Meditation says:

I am shocked. The interior is a home run in my opinion, It reminds me a bit of the Bentley Bentaga.

Mr. Unorthodox says:


Vel Boone says:

Ill take this over the cadillac xt5 anyday.. Lincoln producing some beautiful products nowadays..

Mango22 says:

The resale value for this overpriced suv will be affordable. Buy new, never.

Mr. Marlowe says:

Lincoln will complain why they can not sell this car. Let me tell you in advance just because it is too expensive. not worth that money. /with that money you can have tones of options. I do not understand this american companies why is it so hard to make it right?

Brian D. says:

Wouldn't the Lincoln 'Aviator' be 3/4 of a Navigator? The 'Nautilus' is more like 2/3 of a Navigator.

Nicholas R says:


elvis presley says:

No Lincoln is not back until they make a new Mark9 LSC like the 1989 Mark 7 LSC we had ahhhhhh good times … and of course it has to be VII or VIX


6:05 "The Next Episode" A Capella

are vee says:

Meh. Looks good enough, but I doubt it will bring Lincoln back from the abyss. Kudos for giving it a name. Let's hope it lasts longer than 5 model years.

Jayson Davis says:

$66,000 Lincoln and people 6’2 (tall, but not unusually so) feel tight in the back seat.

Bry Guy says:

No American car is worth the money especially Dodge/Chrysler !!

Fordsuperduty76 says:

Good video but one thing I just don't understand is with the price of these vehicles going up like they are why do they insist on putting grayish black plastic at the bottom of the vehicle? I think when you're spending $66,000 that grayish black plastic should be painted the color of the vehicle it would make it look so much better that black plastic just looks cheap. Plus a $22,000 Mustang doesn't even have that grayish black plastic on it. 😊

Joshua Burke says:

It looks a lot like 2010 audi q7 from the front

Klasse Act says:

Alphabet soap naming is dying, thank you Lincoln!!

Mgoblagulkablong says:

2:13 engine doesn't seem to run smooth, look at those vibrations

milemoule says:

I love how you explain the nonsense of building American cars for the Nurburgring ! As a European I'm happy to see big, smooth, stylish, and comfy cars that seem proud and confident when I come to America. Cars that cruise, not cars that race from A to B. It fits American roads so much better than Audis and Mercedes 🙂

Since 2008 I think American manufacturers really questioned themselves on where they had to go, after what happened to them. They thought the customers all wanted Audi-like cars, they had an inferiority complex in relation to the gremans and therefore tried to make similar cars. It served them in some ways, especially concerning interior quality which improved a lot. But today it looks like they gained back the confidence to go their own way, and that's awesome.

This Lincoln looks great and has a lot of cachet. Great review as always.

Robert Stinson says:

I really want one but how well does it perform in snow. Make a video of the Nautilus performance in the snow.

Jake Stoler says:

I dont get it, the interior is almost exactly the same as the car it replaced. Im a fan of the exterior, but idk how lincoln can call this a new model

David Taylor says:

I'm glad Lincoln is fighting back in the luxury car wars but if $66k was my price range for an SUV I would rather upgrade to an Audi or BMW for $10k more.
Or better yet, save $30k and buy a Honda CRV.

Lance Dukel says:

That grey plastic body cladding looks cheap and tacky.

Ben V says:

So if this is $66k spec’d out- how much will the upcoming Aviator be? Car prices are out of wack…

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