2019 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport – Clinging Onto The Past

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Always a fiercely competitive arena, the entry-level luxury compact sport sedan has seen a significant change over the last five years. As the horsepower war continues to escalate, every brand is now looking to one up each other with every new model and this is where #Lexus has seriously started to lag behind with the current #LexusIS350. While other brands offer a forced induction 6-cylinder as their weapon of choice, Lexus soldiers on with a N/A V6 making only 311 HP, which was competitive back in the day. Today, it only makes 10 more ponies than a V6 Camry. Add in the small trunk, cramped rear seat room, and horribly dated infotainment system and the current #IS350 and the #LexusIS lineup in general is starting to look a little lost in this tough segment.


Redline Reviews says:

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Stay tuned for some fun bloopers at the end of this video. There was also a slight audio hiccup at 17:37 where our main mic cuts out because the battery died but thankfully, our backup mic picks up the rest and only last for about 30 seconds. How would you like to see Lexus reinvent the Lexus IS for the next generation? We see this car using the twin-turbo 3.5L V6 from the LS 500 and 10-speed transmission. Hopefully, Lexus doesn't disappoint in the coming years whenever a new generation is introduced!

Fernando Serna says:

Im still driving that 2015 is350 RWD F-Sport…Love it.

Braden A says:

critiquing the sound of the door closing?? yeahhh imma head out smh

Never Max says:


Antonio deCarmoducci says:

another review buy a guy who clearly is not a car enthusiast telling us stuff we can find out from the brochures. what value exactly are you adding?

Shikhar Shah says:

Bro you’re on crack. The only car in the class that might outhandle the Lexus IS the 3 series. This outhandles, and potentially out corners most, if not all of: the C-class, TLX, A4, Q50. I haven’t driven the G70 so I can’t speak to that

Bryan Taylor says:

Congratulations Lexus. You managed to make the front-end even uglier. Truly an incredible achievement.

Mayo taizou says:

I hope toyota never goes away from NA engines and old reliable tech thats what makes them good

WaiWaiSzeto says:

Cant agree with you more. This car is so outdated.

Knight Rider says:

What happened to Lexus designers when they designed the front end !!! Had they met orgasms!!!

Anthony D. says:

F*ck you Lexus dealerships for not carrying Mark Levinsons !!’n

pontiacGXPfan says:

what's the song at the beginning?

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