2019 Lexus ES – Review & Road Test

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The Lexus ES luxury sedan comes loaded with luxury trimmings that cater to every customer’s whim. Prestige, comfort, performance driving dynamics are expected in this category for this price point, and Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio will take you for a lux spin to see how the ES delivers on all those luxurious promises.

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TheTallMan35 says:

Great review! I'll be buying one of these from Carmax in 5 years when it's got 70k miles on it.

Mohammed Taha says:

How well does it do in light snow?

S NSS says:

I test drove an ES the other day after seeing it in print. I can truly say the car must be seen to be appreciated. It is stunning! I was thoroughly impressed and even a bit surprised with all aspects of the driving experience. The car is a true winner! Super tech-heavy without being tech tacky. I have owned 5 Lexus's (is that the correct plural ?) over the years and I think this new ES is a reach back to the very root of the Lexus ethos…supeior quality, luxury, tremendous attention to the slightest detail, outstanding value, great engines, and second to none reliability. I may get one this week!

john espanol says:

Lexus makes a great softer riding car for the money. For me, I need something more fun to drive.

bird718 says:

my problem is the pedals are to light, i tend to hit the gas and brakes to hard.

osd92 says:

That B pillar has been a problem in the Lexus ES for over 10 years now…my core is definitely stronger for it!

Saeed G says:

Mine doesn’t have car play only android

LuisManuelHdez says:

The Es hits all the right marks. My wife has a 2015 and we love it. This looks even better.

Shahrukh Abbas says:

The touchpad is much better because using the screen while driving is hazardous,Lexus cares for its customer that’s why they put a touchpad.I can be used when standing still.

DutchClawz says:

"peaks at 54 thousand dollars" You guys just don't know how good you have it in the US with your car/gas prices.. This model will start at €70.000 where I live and the gas prices are €1,60 per liter..

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