2019 Lexus ES 350 F-Sport – Baby LS Wants Younger Buyers

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For nearly 30 years, the Lexus ES has consistently attracted luxury sedan shoppers wanted comfort, space, and value. Over the years, Lexus followed that same formula and the result in the best-selling Lexus sedan despite its very humble FWD Camry based roots. For 2019, Lexus hopes to inject a healthy dosage of youth to the mix with the very first F-Sport ES. It takes the sleek design from the flagship LS with nearly as much rear seat space as its much larger sibling. The 302 HP V6 still drives the front wheels, but the result of the new GA-K platform makes this 2019 model the sportiness ES Lexus has ever built.


The Future Is Here says:

This color combination is perfect.
Dark chrome wheels, Ultra White paint with the Red interior

James Loehr says:

I think as far as luxury goes. Lexus just wipes the floor with Acura. Although i prefer honda over toyota. Lexus is way nicer than acuras. Really nicer than many competitors. Really got to go masaratti, mercedes and Bentley,rolls royce. To really get above lexus quality of interiors.

unrulyy jamaicann says:

$100 for everytime he says “Ls”

Mr M M says:

This Lexus worth every penny

James A says:

Cars like Mercedes, bmw, Audi etc are for ALL ages.

Work Ethics says:

Love Lexus…but umm just get a Camry. Same shit

The Future Is Here says:

It is definitely the most pimp ES ever built
If you took the badges off, most people would think this is a Mazda 6, a very handsome car to be mistaken for
The back seat might be LARGER than the LS, at this point. I've sat in the LS and its not roomy inside anymore.
One major flaw. You can get the pano-roof on the ES, just not the top trim F-Sport, which is dumb as %$#@!

Misako Maiorano says:

Very precise review and I enjoyed it. I purchased this car for exactly what you said– this is the car for people who want comfort, quiet ride, roomy cabin, something luxurious and sporty for relatively inexpensive price comparing to its competitors. My car has heated steering wheels. CD player is also DVD player. It has also an optional quick heating system so the cabin and the seats get warm very, very quickly. I have a large breed dog so the rear seat space is a must have, and he enjoys the car ride as much as I do. In the review, you said the rival of this car would be Acura TLX, and I agree on it. My previous car was 2010 Acura TL, and it ran very nicely and smoothly, yet gave a quicker response on acceleration. German cars may perform better than Lexus, but reliability is nowhere close. When I did research before this ES purchase, I looked at and read both Japanese and US websites/YouTubes as much as I could. All I learned were German cars would have a nice, fun ride, but they will break. Parts that should not break… break. Then the parts are very expensive, which their insurance premiums are very high. Taking your car to the shop often is pain. More repairs lowers the car's resale value. The bottom line is that you just cannot rely on your vehicle all the time. Lexus won 2019 most reliable car brands… again.


i am sorry this is not a good looking car

Maks says:

Sir, you are the best. I want to upgrade from 2010 TL awd and lm looking for used gs or es. Newer es with more powerful engine makes it appealing! Thank you for all your hard work!

bacaca23 says:

Needs a rare wheel drive.

Marc G says:

Just lost me @ Apple

Dan Kiai says:

Sofian, not that I'm not tech savvy but I still have CDs. For whatever reason, the sound quality is way better than streaming music in my 2010 Camry.

j s says:

Once Lexus and Toyota stop with those absurdly ugly and pointless grills maybe more younger buyers will buy them.

nii amon says:

My next car. And I’m only 35. I love this car. Very reliable

Lee Cortez says:

I wonder where this guy shops as none of his close fit him meaning all his clothes look really tight

Tibor Z says:

It time to upgrade to 4K@60FPS. Great videos by the way.

ApeMade Music says:

Looks like a Camry

Chan Chan says:

my 2001 is300 age like a fine wine

linny105 says:

Found my car!

Manly Mischief says:

You can remote start the Lexus with the key fob. Press the lock button twice and then hold the lock button for 3 seconds and it will start the car.


Texas plates on a car being reviewed in Nashville,…why exactly? Texas has faster highways and looks better.

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