2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Review & Road Test

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The fourth-generation Jeep Cherokee doesn’t have a lot of “new” going for it. But Jeep claims there’s a new one coming based on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio platform. So is there any reason to buy the current five-passenger old guard? Micah Muzio from Kelley Blue Book gives you a bunch of reasons. Check them out.

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Loveduhmusic says:

Still rather get an Asian import like a Toyota 4Runner or Sabaru Ascent.

Eric Hampton says:

Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! What happened to the "Summit" trim?!?!

c7120h says:

OOOO Good Simpsons reference with the Honda badge Micah!

byron Rideaux says:

The current Jeep Grand Cherokee is still based on the old Mercedes ML

CrabCream says:

One of the most popular in Western New York, It will probably take you forever just to find it in the parking lot because everyone has it. So if you want a unique car, then this is definitely not the choice because everyone has it!

Ryan Frisby says:

Howdy, great review, isn’t there an Overland and Summit?

Garrett Slabach says:

Significant redesign in 2014

Michael O'Key says:

By far the most popular car on my college campus, along with the 4Runner. Seems to be a top choice for teens/young adults.

B Robertson says:

Exterior =Old . Interior =Old ..Price $33k up =Not happening . Low reliability and better vehicles abound.

Billy Beheler says:

It’s about dang time someone reviews the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It might be a older design but it’s still a beautiful vehicle. I know a lot of people that love these vehicles!

DevPack says:

Trackhawk is fucking insane lol

Justin Raney says:

You forgot the Chevy blazer

Silent Russian says:

Hey Micah is back 👍👍👍

zaishade says:

I rented a Limited for two weeks — put around a 1000 miles on it. And "meh" was my reaction to the whole experience. It's not bad by any means, but for a $40K vehicle I wasn't impressed. Maybe if you need to tow or do light off-roading in a bit of comfort. But as a daily city/freeway driver, I'd look elsewhere.

Lance Livingston says:

Nice job KBB. You missed a grand total of 7 trim levels.

alex martens says:

The plastic does matter. You may not touch it, but after cold winters and hot summers and time- it’ll start to rattle. And nothing is worse then a rattle.

Isaac Chavez says:

33,000$ for a base model. I wonder where these manufacturers find these numbers? Ill pay you 33,000$ to keep it away from me and let another shmuck be the bearer of this garbage vehicle. Other then the track hawk its not worth the price.

Alexplayz says:

Tesla model x is the quickest
Lamborghini Urus is the fastest

Wade McLure says:

6:42 Honda's "perceived reliability" They're kinda junk these days, my friend's Accord had to have a new tranny @ 60k, and it's not that uncommon 🙁

Fwirs says:

Is it faster than the Tesla X?

Vinay B says:

I wish there would be another category in review: Likelyhood of car making 200k miles on original engine and transmission based on prior records.

Autos Fan says:

I am mesmerized by the turn signals in this video

Edward Brinson says:

They need a 3rd row option ASAP.

Barobran92 says:

Didn’t mention the Santa Fe as a competitor and it’s all new.

gene978 says:

Nice color. Micah, I thought for sure when you said “rubbed down to my nubs” from rubbing on the rough threading you were going to graphically enhance the next scene with missing thumbs and just nubs. What is wrong with me? Lol

Maria Abundez says:

If only it had a 3rd row

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