2019 Infiniti QX50 – Review & Road Test

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The 2019 QX50 is an all-new version of Infiniti’s compact luxury SUV. And this is a case where the model really is “all new.” When Infiniti’s executives say the only thing that’s the same as the outgoing model is the name and badge, it’s true. But how does all that newness drive?

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DJ Goulding says:

They were the first with 2 screen set up, now everyone raves about German and JLR 2 screen set ups but not the original.

miakitty6 says:

Absolutely gorgeous. Superior than lexus

Richard Shelton says:

$60K for a CVT? Nope.

mann mann says:

Everyone is complaining about the CVT, but the earlier you get used to it, the better because CVT is the future to increase fuel economy. The next 20 years more than half of the cars will be using CVT.

Matt Cameron says:

Watch out competitors! The 2020 QX50 has a TON of tech on the base model, updated infotainment, Applecarplay and auto. It has parking sensors, collision warning; emergency braking, blind spot warning and assist, lane departure warning, cross traffic alert, and backup collision intervention. Infiniti got rid of the confusing packages and made them trim levels. The new q50 has apple CarPlay and auto, too. Infiniti is coming back!!

Wayne Williams says:

Why spend 60k when there is the Murano which is just as stylish and equipped?

Jeff Kessel says:

Can this comfortably fit child seats?

Fourthgirl says:

It is sexy looking. But the CVT, touchscreen tech and random acceleration I will pass on this one.

Shamira Qureshi says:

Finally updated the qx50, now update the qx60!!!

Latrice Jones says:

I love my new QX50!! It has its flaws but overall I’m happy

Susan Schaffer says:

Supposedly, there’s a dual link app that will link android to the infiniti

Hong G says:

Infiniti must abandon its lingering affection for In-touch system. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto is more comfortable.

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Jay Yang says:

If you haven’t had the direct adaptive steering your all stupid and don’t know it’s more precise than a rack that makes you feel all the road feel and unstable steering

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