2019 Infiniti QX50 – Long Overdue EX Replacement Is Here

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Although the original #Infiniti EX35 was loved by enthusiast for its charismatic V6, sporty handling, and curvy design. Its RWD chassis meant the interior and cargo area was cramped and its sweet sounding V6 made it thirsty for fuel. Which is why the all-new 2019 #QX50 has been completely re-engineered on a new FWD architecture with a high-tech new variable compression turbo #VCT 4-cylinder engine driving through a fuel conscious CVT transmission. The interior has been redone with way more space inside and the outside is easily one of the most attractive new shapes you can buy. On paper it sounds like the perfect combination but be warned, there are a lot of good choice out there especially when you look at what $55,000 dollars can get you today.


Ricardo Campos says:

Expensive looking murano..

just mag says:

Clearly infiniti needs to fire someone…they dont seem interested in making money, what a waste!

Yury Kerimov says:

It just Nissan rouge. Nothing new there.

S Almanza says:

Ugly ass design for 2019

Mike Johnson says:

Yes,… In our "everything must have (the absolute latest greatest/perfect) digital screens" era, many young people are going to freak out over the insufficient tech of Infiniti…
I've owned: FX45, Q70, Q50 red sport, QX70 and now a 2019 QX50… I have to say this QX50 is the best mid-sized family vehicle I've owned/leased from Infiniti. It's a very safe, comfortable, economical vehicle that I trust my wife to drive. My QX70 (black, 20" rims, etc..) was definitely the sexiest of all but was a gas guzzler compared to this car. People would hit their heads trying to get into the rear seats. Most people who've posted on here probably wouldn't take my new Q50 red sport if I paid them (the screens aren't perfect!!) I can see Infiniti losing future customers as the "hip, trendy, must have perfection" generations are NOT going to forgive them for much longer.

Naa says:

They're lucky that the RDX is not available in Europe.

hendry t says:

CVT, RUN as fast as while you can!

fyun89 says:

2015 6 series dash design is great, but that's it

Iketani Koichiro says:

22:50 I’ll take that Murano which my father already has with a naturally aspirated v6.

TheCarSection TheCarSection says:

Sounds so weak im glad I got the v6

Chris Kellett says:

Pathetic. No CarPlay, I mean IPod-really? Go buy a Lincoln Nautilus or MKC. Shoot for $55k you could get Black Label edition MKC. Germans are overpriced and overrated. They’re nice but not worth premium in my opinion.

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