2019 Honda Insight LX Base Model Review and Test Drive | Herb Chambers Honda

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Hear what Honda Laura thinks about the 2019 Honda Insight Tell us how you feel in the comments.
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Chris Smith says:

You're gorgeous

Jesus Meza says:

Alot of thirsty jackasses here!!!!
The car is really cool

Jason says:

what is she talking about? The car? We don’t need to know whats “Cute” we need to know the functionality of the car!

Mark Stephan says:

Wow, you did an awesome job except for the paddle shifters which the Insight doesn't have. I purchased the 2019 EX yesterday and I'm loving it. I'm 63 and the technology just blows my mind! Thanks for the video.

Qahar Raheel says:

Hey Luara, what is the big difference between the LX and EX (besides the subpar infotainment system)?

Kuttan Kuttan says:

Where is my shirt?? Oooohoh!!!

drumtwo4seven says:

She made this video very pleasant

Dark Wind Ruler says:

Just add $1380 and get the EX trim, it adds the important apple carplay & Android auto, smart entry with walk away auto lock(super convenient), bigger touch screen, lane watch camera(it’s not as useful as blind spot monitor but at least better than nothing on the LX trim), 2 USB ports on the front for both driver and front passenger, a little bit better audio system, plus some other small features. Trust me, you will thank me for the suggestion.

LHR777 says:

Laura…come back! All is forgiven!

Jayden Stowe says:

That car looks good!

Berseria says:

Not sure about everyone else, but I personally, would smash

Jayden Stowe says:

I really love the Honda Insight it looks so good on the front and back!

selvin christian says:

I don’t know where to focus…..???????

Ronald P says:

Straw sandals, hey why not?

matrix2004 says:

No right turn camera?

Moy Barron says:

Just here to see Honda Laura 😍😍😍

Carletta Goodrich Mann says:

She looks like a Kardashian nice profile for sports medicine and of course the HONDA 2019 features display digital proficiencies. A MODERN Classic kudos Eurasian collaborators a Masterpiece

lonewolfanddog says:

What a coincidence that her first name is also Honda

Prince Muzzamil says:

Luara ur all looking is soooo much cute and beautiful and ur Honda review is a great, I like it and I love u with my heart and soul Luara,,,,

Andrew Langellier says:

I wish the 5 inch screen in the lc was s touch screen

Waleed Almalki says:

I love the way of your presentation 👍🏻

Tom Reid says:

That girl is sweet. As far as the car, I don’t get into the push button shifting stuff -no way. What’s the cost when the electric motor goes and your warranty is up?

Official Jonathan says:

The one thing I hope Honda changes is adding Apple Carplay to their base models as other competitors are starting to make that standard in their base models.

TK Rattikul says:

review annoying

T Ago says:

Adjectives to describe the look of cars –
Aerodynamic, sleek, sporty, racey, attractive…
"Cute"? (Maybe the Volkswagen Bug?)

painkiller619 undertaker says:

Wanna lick her salty armpit

wayne742336 says:

I'd fuck her

Wiki Leaky says:

I like German cars, but Honda does make fun to drive cars too, my older brother has one

koukimonzta says:

Thank God its not a C shape tail light like the stupid Civic

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