2019 Ford Ranger Raptor review

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It’s big, brash and billed as Ford’s answer to the performance dual-cab ute. But, does the Ford Ranger Raptor live up to its name? Paul Maric finds out.

80, 90, 100km/h…and brace! My stomach churns as we become airborne and then crash back down to earth. We’ve just cleared a jump in the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor!

What you’re looking at here is Ford’s first ever Ford Ranger Raptor and the smaller sibling of the epic left-hand-drive-only Ford F-150 Raptor.

Exclusively revealed by CarAdvice back in 2015, the Ranger Raptor has been a passion project for the Australian T6 home room. It’s here in Australia that Ford led the design and engineering work on Ranger Raptor, so the Australian DNA is well and truly embedded into every part of this vehicle.

FULL STORY: https://www.caradvice.com.au/669708/2019-ford-ranger-raptor-review/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=YT_DESC


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FULL STORY: https://www.caradvice.com.au/669708/2019-ford-ranger-raptor-review/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=YT_DESC


Screw YourMother says:

I was looking forward to this coming to the U.S. until I saw this review. Over $53,000 USD and only 210 HP??? You have got to be joking! Ford's gonna have to step up the engine choice dramatically before if they ever hope to bring this to market in this country. No one's going to pay $50K plus for a truck that doesn't have much more HP than my little Focus ST hatchback.

SupraNaturalTT says:

Seth McFarlane doing truck reviews instead of Family guy

james blatterman says:

Astro Lab …

Madskillzfpv says:

Tyres designed for the craptor 😂 tell me another joke

Dave D says:

What’s the point of this car? The XF falcon can do everything this Ute can

iceblue1969 says:

75k !! tiny engine, designed by a 12 yo to appeal to a 20 something who cant afford one-yeah good luck with that..

john doe says:

So its technically its a wildtrack with mods and For that price, your either stupid or rich enough to screw things up, and insurance woudnt give a shit if it can jump or fly.

Khusen Khusen says:

Please for go to indonesia

Justin R says:

It's a cool truck, but they made some really questionable choices here, and this review sounds like a paid advertisement. Torque is great, but… 210 horses? For 75k of your hard-earned money? The stock 4 cyl ranger is at 280hp and still makes 310 lbft!

Here's a fun thought… buy a brand new Ranger for 35k and then sink 40k into performance mods. You could have a bona fide trophy truck for that money. WTF is Ford thinking?

It's all Good says:

Why's Ford treating it's American customer base like SHIT ? Made in the USA but only right hand drive for Australia ? What "F" is this ? !

larry099 says:

I'm sure it excels in highspeed off road driving.. but I'm not doing that, so the Wildtrak will out perform in in almost every other aspect.

gOtakutaku says:

Lol Ford wants all of your money!

Boy buyo says:

Even my 2.2 ranger XL can carry almost 1 tonne load. Everyweek

Brandon Black says:

you driving on the wrong side

Juanito Angeles says:

2.0 twin turbo diesel still not enough for big pickup, better put it in the ford focus, the engine will not last

rico dyson says:

80g+ for a ute?
Lol good luck with that

stinktube says:

That's cute, do they make one for men????

Kayne Walker says:

motor big let down just like its big brother the
f 150

MacK Olives says:


J S Rocker says:

75k wtf!? How is anyone supposed to afford a new vehicle these days…

reoma rina says:

In the philippines ford ranger raptor has a cruise control

Masashi Iino says:

It's an okay truck even if it has a small engine jeez relax,it's not going in the USA since ppl there loves bigger engine,i love both small and big engines

Masashi Iino says:

Damn in philippines i bet 80% of owners will mostly use it for swag points,sad,like the damn jeep rubicon here

Adam Sousa says:

WARNING HEADPHONE USERS. Sound editor didn't do their job so use your speakers

.m. says:

Looks awesome

pancake airsoft says:

You will most likely need the tow hooks for pulling the ford to the garage to fix hahahaha built ford tough? So not tough at all

scotlandlights says:

Small engine and small towing capacity. Come on Ford…….

Paul Tighe says:

Love it want it

Reckless says:

Just need to swap an LS3 into it now.

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