2019 Dacia Duster Tech Road (TCe 150) Full Review – The BEST Duster Ever?!

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Welcome to the all new 2019 Dacia Duster.

Special thanks to Van Mossel VKV in Spijkenisse, the Netherlands for making this video possible. Don’t forget to check out their website through the links below.
Video made by Flaxhax

Watch the OLD VS NEW video of the Dacia Duster HERE:

This video is all about the Model Year 2019 Duster. This specific Duster has the latest engine, the 1.3 TCe 150. I will go over the exterior, interior, infotainment system, and some of the most important features in full detail. Furthermore, after discussing these, I will take the Duster for a test drive. The most important objectives of this video are to let you know, whether or not you are a potential buyer, how the car drives, the quality, the overall exterior and interior look, the performance, etc.

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DxeBxtch says:

It's not pronunced dutchia or ducia or deisia or dasia its DACIA. da ci a. In pula mea..

Vlad Onigiri says:

Mateescu mugurel s-a nascut intr-un bordel.el recomanda masini din 2008 cu multi km pt ca si ma-sa avea multi km de p..a. nu-i urmati exemplul

elizabeth taylor says:

How much is this model going to be in the UK ?

mugur mateescu says:

French rabish cheap ! It's croissant ,not car !

Evander Quinn says:

Dutch-ia Duster winning!

Jimmy Ralte says:

Cant wait for this to replace the Duster that is now in India.

Evander Quinn says:

10:45 off-road in the Dutch mountains as we all know it. 🙂

László Berecz says:

Thx for video from Slovakia

glyn scothern says:

driver wheel on the wrong side

Uncut Fishing says:

2019 and 2018 seem to me to be the same (same headlights, same grill, it appears). However, it is very different from 2017.
Anyways, it's clear this is a good new car for the money, but one must realize that in many markets second-hand cars are very cheap and for the price of this variant you can buy pretty much anything used – a similar sized BMW, a Volvo, a VW, you name it – and it will be better than this brand new Dacia. In such markets, people with smaller budgets don't think of which new car is the cheapest so they can afford it, – they don't even consider a new car in the first place. New cars lose value faster than used ones and come with service obligations.
On the other hand, what about reliability? Would you buy this car with 80 000 km on the clock in five years' time? Ten years? Just to be clear, this is something I'm really interested in. I have no preconceptions against this car whatsoever and been hearing very good things from owners of new Duster. But none of them had it for more than 2 years.

Marcos Gabriel Coimbra Franca says:

these tail lights always kill me… so ugly… the last generation one's were better

Frank Govers says:

Als deze ook op lpg komt, dan is tie verkocht

Martin T says:

This car looks awesome for the price! I have a 2015 Duster and love it

deemon says:

How about an automatic gearbox in 2019?
Would buy one instantly if they gave us the automatic gearbox back again… what the frack were they thinking to remove this option?

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