2019 Dacia Duster TCE review: New engine, new look, newfound appeal | CarGurus UK

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The Dacia Duster has long been the SUV of choice for budget-conscious motorists. But with the latest model being more stylish and better to drive than ever, is it time to think of it is as a worthy rival to more mainstream SUVs? Chris Knapman tests the new 1.3-litre TCE 130 turbo petrol model in order to find out.

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NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes says:

When are reviews going to say that it got three stars because it doesn’t have any automatic collision breaking

roll1968 says:

Nothing at all wrong with the Dacia Duster. It's Nissan-Renault in all but name.

Ma. Da. says:

This is the best option for UK after brexit. Romanian car ;).Next step will be Bajaj Qute;).

Jonathan Stones says:

With so many people complaining that there is no roof rest on right hand models why the hell don't Dacia do something about it? Me for one if it had a foot rest maybe that would just clinch a deal for me to buy one.
Little things Dacia can make or break your sales!!!

Mr Sammotube says:

So the 150bhp 1.3 turbo petrol, is a fair bit slower than the previous model's 125bhp 1.2 (0-60 in 10.1 seconds).

Rob Stammers says:

Recently bought the 2018 (9 months old) Sandero, it only lacks the touch screen, which doesn't bother me, it has all the other trappings, Central locking, Bluetooth, A/C, DAB radio, USB etc. You know what, it's an excellent car, well built, using tried and tested Renault parts. Highly delighted with the price paid too. The Duster is on the radar as my next Dacia.

Polly the Andalusian Podenco says:

I have a 2018 petrol prestige, why isn't there a performance chip for the petrol engine?

don king says:

£20,000 for (when its available) top range duster… it would be worth looking at a clean new MG ZS EV …. and save on average mileage £1000 per year in fuel and road tax..and its faster and of course quieter and it does not turn clean air into poison …

don king says:

Come on Dacia EV put a battery in

joe amos says:

I have the 2019 comfort 4×4. we as a family love it. We know what it is for the money and we have a 5 yr warranty 4×4 for £17500….It does the job and its comfortable. Android auto with Waze and music. job done

Abhishek Jain says:

Duster is Poor man SUV.

Conde Mann says:

aka. Nissan Terrano

Andrei M says:

At least you can pronounce Dacia 👍

Bogdan Bogdan says:

Safety firs, nigazz. All day, every day.

Brian Berg says:

Bought an 1.5 diesel last month, the only thing that didn't live up to my expectations are the glovebox, that is very cheap made, everything else is great, amazing car to the price

Herman Munster says:

Keep it. I'd rather buy a better quality used car with more toys and better trim.

Simon Jones says:

They are nice looking cars and reliable

Tim Gladman says:

Scratchy plastic…. for gods sake stop at ‘hard’…it doesn’t scratch

eme again says:

You can't polish a turd.

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