2019 Dacia Duster SUV review – the best family SUV for a tight budget? | What Car?

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The new Dacia Duster remains a cheap, no-frills option in a highly competitive class with a starting price that massively undercuts all of its rivals, including the Seat Ateca and Nissan Qashqai. But is there more to the new Duster than a cheap price tag?

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Ts Tso says:

this car is paper

will I can says:

Is not Land Rover but the price and quality is more enough by FAIR in whole market

Jan Fialkowski says:

~ This is a wonderful review – Well done WhatCar.  I've been delighted with my Duster bought new in March 2017. In that time I've travelled 38,000 miles in it. Next week I'll be taking delivery of the top of the range version with multi view cameras, in Desert Orange, with  the amazingly economical 1.5 diesel engine. I can't describe how delighted I am with my car .. One very happy Dacia customer here ..

The G-Man says:

Listen, lady. This is THIRD generation! Not second! Please get your facts straight, woman!

Other than that, nice review, though 🙂

Victor Pelini says:

Lmaooo jacked up sedan

Ok great value for bucks but no its an suv stop with this stupid trend please

Darius Mirza says:

Romanians have big gear sticks… 🤣

Tomatoe Jack says:

Dacia duster is a catcopy of Nissan's pathfinder.

shubham shukla says:

Interior sucks.

Tony Knowles says:

looking to change in 2-3 months ,nice to find a sensible review. might consider

Wild Photography says:

I'm looking at buying Comfort version, but only work in a shop lol.
I do at the moment have a Sandero Stepway 0.9 Laureate with 13 plate, and it's a damn cheap, but impressively made car!

jeffy francis francis says:

Your review is very interesting.

Pufy Cino says:

I had a nissan qashqai. What a piece of shit. By 160 000kms, the qashqai was consuming more oil than gas.

Abilash Telex says:

I love your accent …I treat your voice as module aid to my phonetic training practice to reinforce my English language

psychope says:

complaining about the gear stick… "the size of it" … kinda tell you everything about this review. who ever written the script, was an absolute knob

James Gilhooly says:

I love my Duster, "Does exactly what it says on the can".

Tim says:

There's a nice place to rest your clutch foot on the left hand drive version….

sorin oroviceanu says:

There is this basic question: how much would you pay for a car? Duster is basic, of course, but for the right price. Add soft materials inside, electronic gizmos, more powerful engines and you will end paying 5-10 Thousand more. That brings Duster in the area of Kadjar and Qashqai. This brand is owned by Renault-Nissan and has its well defined place in the french-japanese portfolio. Negative comments are useless. Everything comes down to cost. If is was more sophisticated it would not have been at all.

philip n says:

Or buy a second hand Qashqai and get a car that's much safer.

Avieshek Rajkhowa says:

She's a keeper.

Ian Black says:

I'm looking at replacing my 2005 Freelander soon. Would the duster feel any more modern or is it that dated I wouldn't feel like I'd bought a newer car ?

funny maker boy says:

I think Renault update soon the duster

Johnny LaFace says:

Love the leggings.

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