2019 Corvette Stingray Review!

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Chevy’s show car has impressed me once again! The C7 Corvette has been a goal of mine for a few years, and this test drive made me love it even more! With 455 horsepower it was quite the experience, even if it’s not their top of the line model. Huge thanks to Royal Chevrolet for allowing me to review this awesome car, and thank you all for watching!

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hrabb3 says:

I just got a new 2019 stingray in admiral blue! It’s my dream car I really love it and it is such a head turner. Getting on the highway has never been more fun!!

Robert says:

Im in love ,not just the car 🙂

Billy Joe says:

Great vid. A classy Lady who knows what She is talking about. CHEERS!

Rhasta Man says:

How much it cost Bruh

cragan15 says:

1:54 “450 lb PER ft of torque”
That ain’t it chief

Rachit Bhanage says:


Druski McBurr says:

This is a damn good review….

Aaron Ostertag says:

Exactly what

R says:

love your breasts

Ed Vincent Calaguas says:

I kinda understand how she’s worried about scrapping the car since it’s too low. I love corvettes but I guess I’m more comfortable driving a camaro.

Rationalistic says:

Aweseome – Sexy, Smart, into cars! This woman is a keeper!

AmericaN RevolutioN says:

I’ve always wanted a corvette, sadly I’m not old enough 😅😅

19 gt ghost says:

Homeboy rocking the calculator watch 🤣

Diamond Rolexs says:

I have a 2016 stingray and it deadass looks exactly the same. Just cheaper now

Sean Taylor says:

awesome review

blkqbano78 says:

She's cute

Twippie Diggs says:

There are a lot of brand new 2018’s and a number of 2017’s on dealer lots across the US at substantial discounts. I got a brand new 2017 for $53K which had an MSRP of $70K. I flew to the dealer, bought it and drove it home. Couldn’t be happier, it’s an amazing car.

Kerby The Slayer says:

This the only car I would buy from Chevrolet.

Jim Haley says:

Love that color combo and I enjoyed your corvette review 👍🏻🤠👍🏻

Agent piggles says:

My family has a tesla model x i wish we had this, although it’s only a two seater it’s so beautiful

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