2019 Chevrolet Blazer – Review & Road Test

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With a name that harkens back to rugged Blazers of yore, the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer forges…er…blazes its own path; though that path probably won’t involve unpaved roads. Crafted for urban and suburban use, the latest Blazer rides and steers in satisfying fashion while treating occupants to a roomy, comfortable, tech-filled cabin. Add daring style and you’ve got an SUV that is, as the kids say, “lit”. Heck, even Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio likes the new Chevy Blazer. Follow along to hear why.

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Viren vs says:

I really like it. Too bad it's a Chevy

may day says:

looks like a fat camaro

Meowcats says:

Doesn’t matter how much they pay you to talk good about their product. It’s still a garbage GM product.

Mew Brothers Presents says:

I don't care about this company i hate chevrolet and like ford better i bet they had never made a car that can go 200 mph in stock ford did lamborghini did bugatti did hennesey did acura did.

Electro Dvil says:

I think I'll be waiting for Tesla Model Y instead.

Explore with Rick says:

Car manufacturers are getting out of control with the prices. How do they expect us to retire?

Ty Taylor says:

The President of GM and the design engineers have disgraced an American Icon by slapping the Blazer name on this Camaro SUV looking vehicle. This is a mockery yuppy modern day version city and highway crossover. Have some respect and rebadge this with some other name and bring back the Iconic Blazer

Warner Bauer says:

Looks pretty good, but it's not a "Blazer"…

wurly164 says:

This guy is a prick, I will get a real review elsewhere

Joel Hammond says:

Cool Camaro that look's like a zl1

Scott Willi says:

THIS SUCKS! I'm a Chevy guy and I would rather buy the new Bronco than this. At least that looks like a retro tribute to its previous generations. This…THIS? C'mon Chevy, you can do better than this.

goldfox177 says:

Uhh can’t turn off the stop and go engine no thanks

M says:

why do retards think every car is a corvette

Jude Thaddaeus says:

And it’ll have the WORST ad campaigns to try and sell it.

Chris Goodwin says:

That dash wack as hell. Lolol.

Cam Bindi says:

Been watching for years. Love these videos

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